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Address data integration

Leveraging address data integration allows your organization to combine information from varying sources in one place and cleans the data to ensure that it is accurate.

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What is address data integration?

Address data is frequently stored in multiple formats and often in multiple locations - on premise, hosted in the cloud, and sometimes both. Address data integration combines information from varying sources in one place and cleans the data to ensure that it is accurate. Address data integration ensures that you have reliable data when you need it and where you need it to most effectively support business processes.


Store data in one location. Access it when you need it. 


Detect issues and improve the quality of your data in real time. 


Accurately identify linked and similar records to achieve a single customer view. 

Cleaning up data can seem like an overwhelming task. We’re here to help. 

Experian address data integration solutions


Address data integration combines data in real time. As new records are created, our de-duplication API immediately determines whether the address is a duplicate. Sophisticated algorithms identify linked or similar records and remove the duplicates from your database.

When you have lists that needs to be standardized and de-duplicated, the list process service allows you to upload a batch of records to quickly search for name matches and duplicates. Do this ad hoc for bulk processing or on a one-off basis, whenever needed.


Our batch address verification solution cleans and enhances your data. By comparing your addresses against USPS records, batch address verification updates and corrects missing information and spelling errors. Batch address verification also cleans and enhances international data by comparing your data with official postal records from 18 countries.

Our real-time address verification API ensures that addresses are accurate and complete as they are entered, whether you are collecting the data via a website or over the phone. The API completes addresses as they are being typed, with minimal data entry. Not only does this feature ensure that addresses are correct, but it reduces up to 80 percent of keystrokes needed to enter a normal address, saving employees and your customers time.


Experian Pandora improves the quality of your address data by consolidating, cleansing, standardizing, and enriching it. Data is monitored with instant around-the-clock defect monitoring and fault resolution. Experian Pandora can reduce the cost of your data integration projects by more than 90 percent. It’s the fastest tool on the market to analyze, profile, and transform your data.

Save time and money and increase productivity by putting Experian's address data integration solutions to work for you.

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The value of quality data is widely recognized across organizations. Despite this recognition, not everyone has a clear idea on how to turn it into a reality. That’s why we’re here to help. Check out our blog post to learn best practices in data quality management. 

Data quality is just one piece of the data management puzzle.

Find out how our data management tool can help you today.

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Save your organization time and money, while increasing productivity, by putting Experian's address data integration solutions to work for you. When it comes to maximizing the value of your data, you can leverage our best in class solutions to see an impactful return on your investment.