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Product support, technical documentation, application guides, and more

Access the Customer Hub

Experian Customer Hub

We are driven by continuous innovation and improvement. It’s what we obsess over; it’s a mindset we live by. As such, we are thrilled to offer The Experian Customer Hub. The Hub for short.

The Hub was created to help you submit and monitor your support cases online. You also receive access to our Experian KnowledgeBase for all technical documentation from FAQs to troubleshooting and how-to articles.

That’s not all. We will be adding new features to The Hub, including access to our SaaS portal, the ability to submit your ideas for how we can enhance our products or provide additional functionality, and also track your product and license renewals.

We’re very excited about what the Experian Customer Hub will mean for you. You can talk to us easily, resolve issues easily, and most important of all, get things done easily—like it should be.

Technical documentation

Our technical documentation offers everything you need to know about our products, including API reference documentation, application user guides, and sample code.

Access our technical documentation to if you want to learn more information on:

  • Product guides
  • API documentation
  • Sample code
  • And more

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Contact data management services

We offer a wide range of services to help you manage your data quality needs.

Bureau services

Our bureau services are performed by experienced data quality consultants. Some of our bureau services include address, phone, and email validation, data appends, and enrichment.

With a bureau service, simply send our consultants a file you want processed over our secured electronic method and a consultant will immediately get to work. We’ll return a summary of the results as well as the raw data to import back into your database.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services include the assignment of a dedicated project manager and an experienced technical consultant to help you achieve your data quality vision. The project manager will work with the relevant stakeholders in your organization to establish a clear project plan and timeline. The technical consultant will be there to advise you on your product integration, best practices, and ensure that there are no road-blocks to the success of the project. 

Download the new certificate for our endpoint here:

Download our new certificates! 

How can our Professional Services team help you?

Specialist knowledge

Our consultants have a wealth of expertise in our data quality products. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth deployment as well as provide detailed guidance on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Reduce risk

We can reduce the likelihood of errors and decrease the severity of problems that may happen during or after integration, meaning greater up-time for users.

Achieve best practice

Our experts will do a complete, in-depth technical assessment of your integration to ensure data quality standards are optimized.

Prepare for the future

Ensure your integration is future-proofed so that things like additional data sets or more users can be added with no major change or service interruptions.

Support your workflow

We can help you streamline internal procedures by simplifying the process for updating and supporting your data quality products.

Concierge packages

We have three tiers of comprehensive concierge service packages. This premier service gives you direct access to our most experienced software analysts and consultants, providing you with the peace of mind and confidence to go about your day uninterrupted.

The three tiers are:

Standard Package Premier Package Elite Package

Each of our concierge packages provide you with unparalleled support and services. Concierge customers enjoy the benefits of an enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) for response times, can take advantage of a range of professional services, best-practice consulting and training, and get the level of support your business requires.

  • Access to our most senior support analysts
  • Priority case routing via email or our concierge toll-free number
  • Enhanced response time SLA’s for faster service
  • Up to 75 hours of bundled professional services included
  • Discounted professional services rates once bundled hours are exhausted
  • Best practice data assessments (annual or bi-annual, depending on package)

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Contact support

Our technical support team is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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