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Phone Verification

Improve customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value by staying in touch with customers through their closest device, their phone. With phone verification, you can validate phone numbers as they are being collected across any channel. You can also identify whether the number is mobile or landline, which is critical for ensuring compliance with regulators.

What is Phone Verification?

How valuable are accurate phone numbers to your business? Are you looking to expand your mobile marketing strategy right now? The explosion in mobile usage has fundamentally changed the way organizations interact with their consumers. Many of your customers and prospects now expect to be able to complete their entire interaction with you via their handheld device. This makes collecting accurate phone numbers more critical to your business than ever before. Phone Verification from Experian Data Quality enables you to validate the phone numbers you collect and identify which numbers are mobile versus landline. Our validation software can be integrated directly into your web forms or other client-facing applications. If your organization relies on phone numbers in order to service your clients, or you are looking to broaden your telecommunications strategy then Phone Verification from Experian Data Quality offers you a fast and reliable way to validate in real-time, ensuring your phone numbers are accurate before ever picking up the telephone. To find out more about Phone Verification software, get in contact with the Experian Data Quality team today.

How Phone Verification works

Our phone number validation solution was built to help you comply with relevant regulations. It is a powerful tool that sources data from over 200 telecommunications and cable providers. Cleanse phone numbers at point-of-entry before they enter your database.

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Benefits of Phone Verification

Phone validation ensures only accurate telephone information enters your database, allowing you to keep open lines of communication with customers, improve the quality of organizational contact information, streamline data entry processes and contact customers with a valid mobile opt-in. 

Did you know...

of companies see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy 

of retailers believe in the next 5 years, data management will evolve to improve the overall customer experience 

of financial institutions believe it is difficult to predict when and where the next data challenge will arise 

of marketers feel driven to turn data into insight 

*Source: Global Data Quality Research 2016


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Features of Phone Verification

  • Support from Experian Data Quality’s leading service team
  • A customizable tool to fit within any environment
  • Telephone type identification around cell phone and landline numbers
  • 10-digit validation of phone numbers during data entry
  • Reverse phone append for returning name and/or address associated with a phone number
  • Greater customer reach for SMS and mobile marketing
  • Compliance maintenance and risk mitigation

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