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Address Verification API

Correct postal addresses as they're entered.

Automate verification. Eliminate data entry errors. Grab the right addresses with a great API. 

Integrate our flexible, RESTful or SOAP-based API into your browser-based applications, online forms, or thin-client environments for accurate, complete USPS addresses with minimal data entry—reducing keystrokes by 80 percent.

As one of our real-time verification solutions, our flexible address verification API can consistently deliver fast, valid postal addresses from your forms to your databases. It's designed to handle a massive volume with timely data return and reliable uptime. We have different options for our auto-complete address API services and offer sample code in several programming languages.

REST (Intuitive)

  • Find global information for international postal addresses
  • Get auto-completed seven-line addresses in real time
  • Integrate this API quickly and easily with your database
  • Receive timely data return in a full breakdown of components for your database  


  • Find global information for international postal addresses
  • Make choices between several secure address verification methods
  • Enjoy more flexibility for both address capture workflows and configurable data layouts for your database

REST (Verification)

  • Find address information for the U.S., U.K., and Canada, including sub-premises for North America
  • Collect user submissions through multi-line forms
  • Take advantage of flexibility with searching and verification
  • Receive data in a predefined layout for your database

Change your entire business with a high-performance address verification API.

API integration allows you to get the right information from the start so that your organization can eliminate poor-quality postal addresses before they lead to wasted payroll dollars, squandered postage, and excessive shipping costs. Send mail to valid addresses by collecting the right information from the start with USPS CASS-certified standardization methods.

Let us help you develop a seamless integration that allows for effortless address validation. Our flexible API integrations empower users to automatically complete addresses with a standardized format, which can be pulled into your vital databases of customer or employee information.



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