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Batch Address Verification

Batch Address Validation Gives You:


Accuracy You Can Count On

Your database will contain accurate and consistent records.


Robust Data

Records are easily maintained over time. This saves you time and money and maintains the integrity of your data.


Dependability and Efficiency

When you can count on the accuracy of your data, data analysis is simplified and reliable.


Cost Savings

Accurate addresses reduce returned mail and delivery fees. This also can result in additional savings from postal discounts and incentives.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining accurate data for prospects and current customers enables you to communicate more effectively, as you are ensuring that your target audience is receiving your mailings.

How Batch Address Validation Works

We compare your domestic data against the USPS database

In order to clean and enhance your data, our batch address verification solution compares every address in your database against the U.S. Postal Service’s ZIP+4 statistics file of addresses. It updates and corrects ZIP codes, provides missing information, and corrects spelling errors. If the ZIP code is correct but other address elements are lacking or not valid, the software can add or change them.

We also clean international data

Our batch verification solution cleans international address data obtained from official postal records of 18 countries, including the U.S. You can be confident that your data for customers overseas is also accurate and up to date.

Our software is easy to use

Our intuitive wizard guides you through the cleaning process from start to finish. Addresses are then processed automatically. This standalone tool can be used to process flat files individually, or the task can be automated through Windows Tasks


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Features of Experian's batch address verification


Experian Data Quality’s batch address validation tool is certified with the USPS and meets all CASS address standardization requirements. CASS stands for the Coding Accuracy Support System and allows the USPS to effectively assess the accuracy of address verification software. What does this mean for you? You can rest assured that our software meets the highest of standards to optimize the accuracy of your data.

Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

Experian’s batch address verification provides geocoding capabilities to provide you with lat./long. coordinates and to convert addresses to coordinates.

Reporting Functions

Our software provides you with an easy-to-read report that lets you know how effective it was in validating the addresses.

Delivery Point Bar Codes

The tool supports delivery point bar codes (DPBCs). DPBCs provide a representation of the address and may help you qualify for special discounts on bulk mail.

Delivery Point Validation From the USPS

Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verifies the accuracy of deliverable addresses, down to the suite or apartment number. DPV verifies that premise numbers are actually existing addresses instead of just numbers within a range.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

The NCOA feature enables you to upload as many as 3 million records to the Experian NCOA FTP site at one time. Through a series of prompts, this automated process extracts and verifies the information, then downloads the accurate records back into your database.

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