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Batch address verification software

Need to validate a list of addresses? We process addresses for accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

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How batch address verification works

You need valid addresses to send mail marketing materials, deliveries, and letters to your customers. At Experian™, our advanced address verification software cleans, corrects, and standardizes your address data to make sure it’s accurate.

Batch address validation in particular works by processing existing address files for accuracy. Your current list of customer addresses is checked in one sitting. With batch validation, there’s no need to check each address manually—a task that could take years if you have a big mailing list.

Our batch address verification software also makes sure your addresses meet specifications of postal authorities like USPS and Canada Post.

Have customers outside of the US or Canada? We verify and standardize international addresses so you can reach your customers—no matter where they live.

How important is clean address data to you and your organization? If the address information you collect isn't kept accurate and up-to-date, your business can be impacted in ways you may not have considered.

Research shows that 83% of companies believe that revenue is affected by inaccurate and incomplete customer or prospect data. With Address Verification from Experian Data Quality, you can be confident that the addresses that you are capturing are accurate and complete the first time they are entered.

And because all you need to enter is minimal information, such as a ZIP code, you'll reduce around 80% of the key strokes it would normally take to enter a typical mailing address. Our tools can also help you validate addresses already in your database, so you can be confident that the information you hold is accurate over time.

So why does it matter? Most importantly, your customers will have a better experience. Quick and easy verification enhances the customer journey on your website and makes users more likely to submit forms and complete their purchases. You'll also reduce costs and improve efficiency, because less of your precious time is wasted manually correcting errors.

Correct addresses also mean less returned mail and a greater ability to make accurate business decisions. Get in touch today to discuss the Experian Data Quality tool that's right for your business.

What do you get with batch address validation?

Complete, formatted addresses every time


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Did you know that 35 million Americans move every year? That’s a lot of movement—and a lot of changed addresses. Don’t lose touch with customers when they move.
Make sure your address data is up to date today.

Real-time address verification

Verifying addresses after you collect them isn’t your only option. After cleaning your address list with batch verification, use real-time validation to get accurate addresses from new customers. Validating addresses at the point of capture guarantees two things: Addresses will be accurate and complete before they enter your database and you will have confidence that the records you capture can be used immediately. Follow up with regular batch address verification runs to make sure your addresses stay up to date—even when customers move.

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Software integrations

Want a fast and simple way to implement batch address validation on your customer data lists? Our pre-built packages are customized to run on major CRM and ERP platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and many more. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on the needs of your customers.

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Not sure about the difference between a PO box and a mailbox? Don’t worry—we have you covered. We’ve got a list of the most frequently asked address verification questions and answers.

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Don’t let the volume or variety of data prevent your business from using its most valuable asset. Get the expert help you need to create more accurate address lists from the data you already have.

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Need scrubbed and standardized address data? We have you covered. But that's not all we do. Our data quality experts can recommend the best course of action so that you can complete all your data management projects on time and on budget. Connect with us to learn more.