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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Loyalty matters: How better data drives more loyalty and more revenue

With a 24/7 shopping cycle and an increasing number of digital channels at their disposal, consumers today are more empowered than ever before and forcing businesses to adapt to their wants and needs. Yesterday, Shirley Zhao, our Content Marketer, and Melanie Clark, our Retail Partner Manager presented a webinar, “Loyalty matters: How better data drives more loyalty and more revenue.” The webinar covered statistics around loyalty and three ways to improve insights on loyalty along with your loyalty or customer engagement program.

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A complete data quality solution

When you decide to take on a data integration project, it will require a lot of advanced planning, work, time and resources. Without a deep understanding of what the project's requirements, it's unlikely that you will complete the integration on time and on budget. Yesterday, Rishi Patel, Strategic Account Manager at Experian Data Quality and Michael Ott, Senior Vice President at Innovative Systems, Inc., an Experian Data Quality partner, presented a webinar, “De-risking data integration projects.” The webinar focused on four major topics: the historical challenges of data integration projects, how current environments introduce additional complexity, an advanced methodology for overcoming data integration challenges, and a checklist to ensure that your project stays on track for success.

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Hook, line and sinker: How to avoid phishing attacks

Not to be confused with fishing, no. Phishing refers to the stealing of personal information like usernames, passwords and credit card details that can lead to identity theft.

Phishing attacks are serious business and they, unfortunately, continue to advance in sophistication. If you fall victim to phishing attacks and unknowingly relinquish sensitive information to a cybercriminal, you can place your financial data at risk.

From a phisherman’s perspective, no account is off limits. Don’t fall victim to their attacks—read on to find out the different types of phishing scams and learn tips to avoid them. 

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Building a data quality team

When your organization decides to start leveraging its data as an asset, the first thing you should do is build a data quality team. This team of people will be responsible for the quality of the data and the support of data quality activities and initiatives company-wide.

A lot of people traditionally think of data quality as a technical person’s concern. In reality, business users have a major part to play on the data quality team. We have seen many organizations start to understand the need for centralized data ownership with the rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO). One of the first things that should be on a new CDOs agenda is building out a team of individuals that can help elevate data management and data quality on the corporate agenda. 

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Big data brings big possibilities

Big data is something many of us talk about and use to become a data-driven organization. Data is being used today for many different key initiatives, especially around operational efficiency, product development and customer experience.

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Three key takeaways from IRCE 2015

Last week Experian Data Quality took our show on the road to Internet Retailer Conference Expo (IRCE) in Chicago, Illinois. IRCE is the largest e-commerce event in the world where experts from all areas of the industry are represented.

Three topics that were widely discussed at IRCE included global e-tailing, keeping up with the evolution of technology and social commerce & marketing. 

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10 principles to reduce shopping cart abandonment

The Baymard institute has documented that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is a whopping 68.53%. The reality is the usability issues that cause that number to be so high are largely aviodable. See the top 10 principles that should be utilized to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

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Optimize your omnichannel marketing or face extinction

If you want to excel at omnichannel marketing, you need to understand what its biggest obstacles are. Don’t misunderstand—the specifics of these obstacles will vary from business to business and will require some digging and analysis. There are, however, three main challenges we believe stand in the way of each would-be successful omnichannel initiative.

  1. Collecting accurate data
  2. Consolidating accurate data
  3. Using accurate data

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