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Address verification must take place at the 'point of capture'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address verification should be done at the point of capture and not later, one expert has claimed.

Writing for TMCnet, David Sims has explained that businesses not utilizing address correction software can run the risk of storing invalid information.

Mr Sims cites a recent study conducted by Forrester which suggests that batch address cleansing software can be extremely valuable to organizations.

"Hundreds of thousands of addresses can easily be standardized, cleansed, validated, and enriched in a few short hours using a centralized data quality or address cleansing software or service solution," the research states.

The study goes on to note that businesses need to ensure that they offer customers an incentive to part with their address data or they run the risk of only collecting the "bare minimum" of information.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that a significant majority of direct marketing agencies believe that their budgets are set to increase in the second half of 2010.

The recent Marketing Agencies Association Agency Barometer suggests that there is a renewed optimism in the sector and could lead to an uptake in address management solutions.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler