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Erin Haselkorn

As the Analyst and Public Relations Manager for Experian Data Quality, Erin Haselkorn leverages her understanding of data quality to help organizations better understand leading data management strategies and how to create actionable insights. She is the author of numerous data quality research reports, guest blog posts and articles. During her seven years at Experian Data Quality, Erin has helped numerous clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers through data and analytics. Before Experian Data Quality, Erin worked at Granite Telecommunications. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the College of Charleston.

Where’s Dana? Fix your data and make your marketing more personal

Data enrichment and analytics

Today’s consumer expects a lot from us marketers. They want consistent communication, across all channels they use and with messages tailored to just their interests. This is accomplished through what’s known as personalization, or changing user interactions based on data, such as purchases, demographics or preferences.

Marketers see major opportunity for a whole new level of consumer engagement and more marketing-influenced revenue sources via personalization. In fact, three out of four organizations personalize their marketing messages or are in the process of doing so.

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Protect your sender reputation this holiday season

During the holiday season, retailers send an increased volume of emails to clients with special offers and promotions. In fact, according to Experian Marketing Services, email volume surged 13 percent higher in the 2013 holiday season compared to the 2012 holiday season. In addition, the increase in email volume led to a 9 percent rise in the number of total transactions from email marketing campaigns and an 18.4 percent increase in overall revenue.

Clearly, email is a critical communication channel for the holiday season. However, with increased volume sent to potentially inactive subscribers, comes some vulnerability. And with increased pressure to perform, retailers look to increase their volume of communications and the size of their database.

Sending to inactive subscribers or inaccurate email addresses can expose retailers to sender reputation problems. This is the rating a given domain has with Internet Service Providers, which can affect their ability to reach a subscribers inbox.

Since every ISP calculates sender reputation differently, it is important that retailers understand the top factors affecting sender reputation and work to prevent any errors. Some of the main factors is the volume of email sent, spam trap hits and blacklists, and complaint and hard bounce rates.

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