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Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen is a Director of Product Marketing at Experian. She is responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for the company's data quality management solutions. For the past five years, she has specialized in providing marketing strategy, demand generation, event management, and public relations for fintech and data solutions companies in the Boston area. She has a BS in Marketing Communications, an MBA in Marketing and Management, and over fifteen years of experience as a marketing practitioner. 

Gaining Insight into Your Data

Data quality

At DATAx, we joined hundreds of data scientists, analysts, and engineers for meaningful conversations about all things data. This included how data should be leveraged as a strategic asset across the business as it is seen as the "currency for the future." See the top takeaways.

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Insights from Data Summit 2019

This year’s #datasummit2019 in Boston was all about possibility of what is to come with AI and ML, of how companies can compete with next-level analytics, and of course how data access, control, and quality drive the success of these initiatives. Explore the takeaways and insights!

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The increased focus on customer experience at Utility Analytics Summit 2018

Last week I attend the Utility Analytics Summit in Irvine, CA, which was sponsored by Southern California Edison. I’ve been to a lot of data conferences in my day, (let’s just say this was not my first rodeo) however, it was my first foray into the world of utilities. What I noticed right away was that data-related challenges run rampant regardless of the industry. The analysts, data scientists, and engineers that I met at the summit were all struggling with similar issues that organizations in finance and government have been challenged with for years.

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