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Vaughan Phillips

Vaughan is a Principal Consultant on the Professional Services team at Experian Data Quality. He and his team focus on solution delivery and providing thought leadership on integrated solutions and big data initiatives. He has over 20 years of technical experience, with 17 at Experian. He specialized in data analysis and manipulation, and has worked industries including telco, banking, insurance, retail, and automotive. Some of his best friends are databases and when he’s not a data whisperer, Vaughan is also a Spin Instructor.

Tailored training for Experian Pandora

Your organization’s gold is its data. 

Client contact data; patient data; customer transaction data; names; address; email addresses, cellphone numbers; business telephone numbers; and home phone numbers are the bullion in your gold repository. Your processes and analytical models are fine-tuned to look at your gold precisely, in a consistent and rigid fashion. 

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