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Data enrichment and analytics

Best practices from Predictive Analytics World

Predictive Analytics World in Boston has been a great show for the Experian Data Quality team. Data science is an emerging field and is just now hitting its stride. The things that companies can do with predictive modeling are incredible, and can be very valuable if done the right way.

Though I’ve been learning a lot since the event started earlier this week, there are three key things I wanted to share that are important to keep in mind when thinking about predictive analytics:

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Where’s Dana? Fix your data and make your marketing more personal

Today’s consumer expects a lot from us marketers. They want consistent communication, across all channels they use and with messages tailored to just their interests. This is accomplished through what’s known as personalization, or changing user interactions based on data, such as purchases, demographics or preferences.

Marketers see major opportunity for a whole new level of consumer engagement and more marketing-influenced revenue sources via personalization. In fact, three out of four organizations personalize their marketing messages or are in the process of doing so.

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