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Data quality

What is DataOps?

Jordyn Tetler Data quality

DataOps is an up-and-coming trend in the data and analytics space that deserves the hype it is getting. This practice brings agility to your data operations, which 62 percent of business leaders we surveyed say they struggle with. With all this hype, one can easily be swept-up without really understanding the basics. Let’s dive into what this new trend is and why you want to incorporate it into your data operations today.

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Best practices in data governance

Data governance refers to the set of processes to ensure data meets precise standards and business rules as it is entered into a system. Data governance enables businesses to exert control over the management of data assets. This encompasses the people, process, and technology that is required to make data fit for its intended purpose.

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3 Top challenges for loyalty programs

loyalty challenges

Now, more than ever before, is the time to power your loyalty program with a foundation of reliable customer data. With shifting consumer shopping habits and the 24/7 at-customer-leisure shopping cycle, retailers are left scrambling to find the right messaging and incentives, while keeping up with brand name retailers.

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Announcing Experian’s partnership with Carahsoft

Jordyn Tetler Data quality

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. Learn more about what data quality can do for federal, state, and local government agencies. 

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Quality data for everyone

The latest global research study from Experian shows that over 80 percent of businesses believe data is one of their most valuable assets, which was the case even before the global pandemic. However, many organizations are struggling with data accuracy.

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Retailers: How to be data driven during digital transformation

Retailers how to be data driven

There’s no doubt e-commerce is booming. Shoppers love the convenience of browsing their favorite brands and purchasing goods online from the comfort of their home or on-the-go from their phone. That’s why retailers’ top business priorities include moving through digital transformation (46%), according to our research.

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How data quality can help optimize delivering goods during the pandemic

How data quality can optimize delivery

The impact of the COVID pandemic is being felt across industries but one industry has been hit particularly hard—the retail industry. With the onset of COVID-19, non-essential, brick and mortar stores were forced to rely exclusively on their e-commerce platform, which left them with a declining bottom-line and customer experience.

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3 questions to ask when hiring a Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Business man thinking of the chief data officer role

The role of a chief data officer may take on a variety of shapes depending on the industry, enterprise, and maturity of the data program he or she is working for. Our research reports that mature data organizations are more likely to have a chief data officer in place.

The question is: At what point in your data management program should you hire a CDO? And, how does the CDO’s role evolve as your data program evolves?

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Credit reporting in times of crisis

Credit reporting can be challenging at the best of times but right now there’s more than usual to be concerned about. By proactively validating your data and eliminating common errors, we can help you reduce frustration, risk, and cost, increase satisfaction, and give you your time back, even during a crisis.

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How to take control of your Metro 2® credit reporting and FCRA compliance

Metro2 compliance

Businesses who struggle with Metro 2® guidelines face a manual, time-consuming data analysis process and may have a lack of resources to support the regulatory operation. Additionally, with the internet at their fingertips, consumers have become well-informed about their credit and disputes continue to occur.

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