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Marketing technology

Take advantage of eBay GSI’s sunset

What was GSI Commerce? GSI Commerce was the Ecommerce and payments platform acquired by eBay Enterprise a number of years ago. The great thing about GSI for its customers is that it had feature functions inherently built into the platform. So their retailer customers didn’t need to think about their add-ons, because GSI did a good job of handling it for them. Some examples of their add-ons were address validation, tax calculations, etc.

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Puns and pundits at MediaPost's OMMA Boston '16

A bright, but brisk, Boston morning saw me at the Hyatt Regency for MediaPost’s Online Media Marketing and Advertising (OMMA) event where the day was chock-filled with all kinds of subject matter marketers would geek out about. Right off the bat, I could tell that there were five clear themes for today:

  1. Brands should be like Cupid and win the love of their consumers
  2. The Concept of Interruption to the consumer experience
  3. A lesson in authenticity by b.good
  4. Marketers are taking ownership of their data

And if you’re thinking that there’s no way I can relate this back to data and Experian Data Quality, well oh contraire, because everything always relates back to data and today’s marketers and advertisers are keenly aware of this fact of life.

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Improve deliverability with email preference centers

What exactly is an email preference center? They are places for individuals to tell a business how often they want to receive an email and what kind of content they want to receive. Email preference centers are one of the best ways for customers to tell you exactly what they’re interested in—and when done effectively, you get to collect key pieces of contact information as well. Whether they are called “notification settings” or “email settings,” we’ve all interacted with some form of a preference center before.

Not all companies, however, use email preference centers to their fullest extent; that is, not all companies are using them as an additional method for data collection and improving the customer experience. This blog post will tell you how to use preference centers to improve email deliverability, develop a better understanding of consumer interests, and learn what other companies do to help you improve your own preference center.

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Does real time email validation affect conversion rates?

There is one common hesitation we continuously see from prospects and customers alike. Marketers are often reluctant to implement real time email validation into the forms on their website because they are nervous that it will negatively affect conversion and increase shopping cart abandonment.

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Avoid data monsters: 3 ways to prevent CRM problems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow you to store all your customer and prospect data—think along the lines of contact data, account information and leads—in one location. That kind of localized, accessible data storage platform enables organizations to gain a simplified view of their customers, and if they use it to its fullest potential, also facilitates internal data organization processes, better customer service and a more personalized experience for your consumers.

But what happens when:

  • Your current data quality strategy doesn’t use data to its fullest potential?
  • The data you store in your CRM is compromised, either by human error or technical limitations?
  • You’re letting the data in your CRM just sit there?

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