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Constructing a data management program requires the right tools

Recently, we discussed the dilemma of building a data management program and compared the process to building a house. This proved very insightful, as it laid the foundation for a complex and sometimes overwhelming topic: developing a data management methodology.

As an HGTV junkie, however, I was left with a few burning questions. Namely, who is expected to do the work—is it a DIY project, will I be forced to hire expensive contractors that I need to trust for satisfactory/safe results, or do I have to tax my team who already have hectic schedules and set into place more expectations on a fairly over-stacked plate?

Odds are, you’ll likely need a combination of these things.

Like any house-building project, all the aspects need to be carefully considered before jumping in. One aspect, in particular, that needs to be addressed is whether or not a combination of team members and tools is needed to attack the problem. As you start on the foundation, hiring talented individuals who have a strong toolbox is typically how a successful housing project begins. The trust required to turn your investment into a new structure is vital, and the teams required to do an effective job need to be a match both in workmanship as well as vision.

As a new data management methodology can tax an existing structure, you’ll quickly see the parts that need to be replaced. However, the ability to take a holistic view and make a change sometimes requires the vision of experts that have managed these projects in the past. Their experience, past failures, and how they achieved success allows for the experts to handle housing remodels—or your new data methodology.

Achieving success will be dependent on who you partner with, their experience, and also the products that they use to achieve success. The goal is threefold: achieve a high quality of craftsmanship, meet the project timeline, and stay within the budget. More experienced organizations will utilize tools that allow the timeline and budget to be met effectively. Remember to choose who you hire wisely and think long and hard about the toolset you’ll want to be left with moving forward on your data management strategy.

Starting your data management program with the right tools is critical for success. Learn more about how Experian Pandora can help you build a data management program for the long haul.

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