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Data 'becoming crucial to marketing'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses are using data to inform their marketing campaigns more and more, an expert has noted.

According to Andrew Girdwood, media innovations director at LBi bigmouthmedia, firms have been increasingly using information they have gathered to guide their digital marketing strategies over the last few years.

As a result, this trend has gathered momentum, with a growing number of companies embracing data-led promotional campaigns that are highly targeted and operating in real-time.

"It reminds me of an avalanche – it started small, now it seems huge," Mr Girdwood commented.

He predicted that data-led marketing will continue to become more common in the future.

"We can only speculate it'll get even larger – and quickly," Mr Girdwood stated.

He added that while this development does not represent a revolution in digital marketing, it is a "glorious convergence of communication and communities".

This comes after a study by Crain's BtoB Magazine revealed organizations in the US are generally keen to make use of alternative marketing outlets.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler