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Data governance 'vital' for data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The implementation of data governance schemes by US organizations will lead to better data quality, a new study suggests.

Data governance has emerged as a key factor for effective master data management (MDM) and data quality programs.

At least, this is the finding of a new survey conducted by independent analyst firm The Information Difference.

David Waddington, senior vice president and co-founder of the organization, confirms: "MDM and data quality have a greater chance of success when a data governance program is in place."

As a result, Dr Waddington believes that there will be a dramatic acceleration in the "introduction of applications for automating and managing data governance programs" in the coming year.

Indeed, 71 per cent of enterprises questioned have implemented a data governance program or plan to do so within one year.

Meanwhile, Jim Harris used his OCDQ blog to warn companies that they should not just rely on new systems to get rid of data quality issues.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler