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Email reputation 101

Have you ever launched an email campaign only to find out that most of your emails never even made it to the intended target due to soft or hard bounces? Have you ever spent a large amount of your budget on syndicated content and then come to find out that your target audience is from a database that was collected from tradeshows and POS systems where a consumer’s email is captured with no verification? How can you determine if those email addresses were correctly captured? Whether the information was wrong at point of capture, or became outdated, these issues ultimately contribute to your company’s email reputation.

So why should you care about your company’s email reputation? Undeliverable email addresses create a waste of energy and time for your employees, a waste of space in your database, and overall a pain that could easily be reduced. The more undeliverable mail you are producing, the larger the opportunity cost grows for your marketing efforts. Not to mention, if you send too many emails to bad addresses, you can be blacklisted and prevented from sending mail in the future. As one of the primary modes of communication for most businesses, email is too important to let a bad reputation stand in your way. By implementing email validation solutions and best practices for data management, you can safeguard your reputation and become a better and more efficient marketer.

Let’s say a retail company is looking to expand upon its email database and implement a tool to ensure the accuracy of their emails before the quickly-approaching holiday season. It is important to them to capture accurate email addresses at POS in an efficient manner to help grow their database. Through investigation and consulting by Experian, they could implement a system that corrected all syntax and domain errors during email capture, and checked the deliverability of email addresses. as We could also help them to implement batch cleanses of their existing databases. These behaviors would drive down their email capture errors, increase their email deliverability, and protect their sender reputation, all thanks to emails arriving in the correct inbox.

Check out our case study to see how this process worked for one of our customers!
These types of actions can be taken by anyone that gathers emails as a way to identify and target their prospects and consumers. Through proactive cleansing, ongoing maintenance, and a good email data strategy, you can have a solid email reputation for your company.

Say goodbye to undeliverable mail. Experian’s email validation products can help you ensure you have accurate email data.

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