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Good data quality has 'financial benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New research has highlighted the financial benefits of good data quality to an organization, it has been reported.

IT Business Edge blogger Loraine Lawson has draw attention to a recent study sponsored by SAP's Sybase which found that a ten per cent improvement in areas, including data quality, can translate to a significant boost to finances.

Indeed, Ms Lawson points out that the survey "provides fodder for funding data projects".

"It looks like data quality and usability are the most closely tied to integration issues, although obviously any time you're moving or manipulating data, you're likely to encounter data-integration or migration issues," she added.

Elsewhere, the study also reveals which industries would be the largest benefactors of improvements to effective data.

These include retail, consulting services, financial services, telecommunications and energy/gas services.

Meanwhile, new research into business intelligence has found that data quality has now overtaken poor query performance as the most reported problem.

Posted by Richard Jones