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Midmark improves data quality within Oracle E-Business Suite


Midmark had problems with inaccurate addresses in their ERP system, resulting in undeliverable mail and returned shipment fees. Midmark utilized Experian Data Quality's integration into Oracle E-Business Suite, allowing addresses to be verified at point of entry. With a turn-key solution, the organization has increased operational efficiency and overall data quality.


Midmark Corporation is committed to providing innovative products and solutions to healthcare professionals around the world. Offering full lines of exam and procedure tables, digital diagnostic solutions, and more, Midmark is focused on continuously improving workflows and enhancing patient-caregiver interactions within the medical, dental and animal health markets.


Midmark encountered issues with data quality, specifically noting that inaccurate addresses were a disruption to their distributor business model. Their dealers provide the customer address information to Midmark; however, when the address is undeliverable and packages are returned, Midmark customer service and logistics departments must then deal with these issues after the fact.

Undeliverable packages resulted in costly returned shipment fees, frustrated delivery drivers and additional workflow for customer service representatives who had to identify the correct shipping information.

Midmark sought a solution to correct address errors in real time within their ERP system, Oracle E-Business Suite.


Midmark implemented Experian Data Quality tools within Oracle E-Business Suite to quickly and accurately capture addresses at the point of entry. The software allows call center operators to capture an accurate address with fewer keystrokes.

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Midmark performed an ROI analysis with the distribution and logistics managers to measure the value of Experian Data Quality tools. The tool was implemented in November 2013. Since the go-live date, Midmark has seen zero address corrections or chargebacks on any newly acquired address, leading to significantly lower monthly fees (as only existing data now leads to issues). Moreover, the team has seen time savings that amount to $3,600 each year as well as improved customer satisfaction.

While Midmark does see some chargebacks, these issues relate to addresses that existed in Oracle E-Business Suite prior to November 2013. This realization now reinforces the importance of overall data quality and has led Midmark to investigate potential data hygiene options in 2014.

Data quality concerns

Midmark was concerned about the quality of addresses collected through their distribution network. The organization needed a way to cleanse information received from their dealers, as well as ensure their customer service representatives in the call center could verify address accuracy, in a quick way, at the point of entry.

Experian Data Quality offered an integration directly into Midmark’s Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system, making the process of cleaning existing data seamless. In the call center, when an agent adds a new customer or updates an account, he/she can quickly update and verify the address while the customer is still on the phone.

The drilldown approach makes data entry a lot faster now. We save, on average, 13 seconds per address entered.


Jonathan Maher Research Data Analyst, FPU

Midmark Customer Experience Global Process Owner, Danielle Dershem, remarked, “it was important for Midmark to have a quick and easy implementation, as well provide our customer service representatives a fast process to verify customer data. We could not add additional time to the CSR workflow. Not only did the implementation go completely smooth, Experian’s address validation tool has been a great addition to our process flow. We did not expect that it would actually save time for customer service while entering customer addresses. This was an additional advantage we were not expecting, but we were pleasantly surprised by.”


With address verification built directly into the workflow, the organization has proven ROI with cost savings experienced from the investment in Experian Data Quality tools. The call center agents are able to reduce call handle times and provide a seamless customer interaction.

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