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Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Nevada DMV produces accurate address information


The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NV DMV) is the front-line for capturing resident address data, and as the keeper of the state's most relied upon residential address database, it is crucial that accurate address information is captured through driver services processes. The NV DMV recognized it needed a strategy to both ensure the accuracy of the address information it captured and streamline operations to provide a high-level of customer service.


The NV DMV adopted QAS Pro to verify drivers' addresses before they are committed to the state database. QAS software works with Nevada's existing PowerBuilder application.


The Nevada DMV is now empowered to facilitate customer interaction, capture accurate address information and deliver a superior level of service to the residents of Nevada. At the state's DMV branches, addresses are interactively verified in real-time while the customer is still present to confirm address details. Because NV DMV technicians are entering clean, precise information into the common database, the DMV can mail essential documentation to customers with the assurance that it will be received. Other agencies in the state of Nevada can confidently rely on address information captured by the NV DMV.

Address Verification at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Improves Customer Service, Protects Critical Database

The mission of the Nevada DMV is to bring the citizens of Nevada exceptional governmental services through innovative and cost-effective technology solutions, strategies, and professional employees. The Nevada DMV is tasked with meeting the demands of a growing population at eighteen full-service offices and three express offices. Without a strategy in place to safeguard against bad addresses, the DMV needed a way to ensure the addresses entering its database would allow for effective communication with customers.

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Nevada's population is fast-growing, with more and more residents requesting driver's services and vehicle registrations each year. To keep pace with customer demand, data technicians at the NV DMV had to be focused on quantity over quality, often times not checking for existing records before creating new ones with the department's PowerBuilder CFC application. With quantity and efficiency taking precedence over quality, the state's database became fraught with errors and inaccuracies, including a large number of duplicate records.

The database maintained by the Nevada DMV is a critical database in that it is the most complete record of adults in the state of Nevada. The records in the Nevada DMV's database are disseminated to other governmental agencies and used by many other civil servants. The Secretary of State and Nevada law enforcement, for example, all expect to receive accurate, usable data from the NV DMV.

Front-End Address Verification Rolled Out To NV DMV Branches

The Nevada DMV turned to QAS, which provides fast and accurate real-time address data validation against the latest U.S. Postal Service® data file to improve the quality of the address data it captures. After a brief pilot the DMV deployed QAS Pro concurrently at all of its offices.

DMV data technicians at all branches were trained on QAS and have since incorporated address validation into all driver services and vehicle registration processes. QAS Pro is viewed as a customer service tool that helps them get the address right on the first attempt. When customers present issues with undelivered licenses or titles, data entry technicians are now empowered to identify inaccuracies in historic addresses that caused undeliverability and then work with customers to arrive at a deliverable premise.

Experian Data Quality is a critical tool in improving the accuracy of our database‚Ķ entering new transactions with accurate data saves time and money in the long run.

Ginny Lewis Director, Nevada Department of MotorVehicles

"QAS Pro is a critical tool in improving the accuracy of our database," said Ginny Lewis. "Accurate addresses allow us to mail important documents to our customers with confidence and entering new transactions with accurate data saves time and money in the long run."

DMV technicians tasked with cleaning up the business records in the DMV's business table found QAS Pro to be very user friendly. With just a few key strokes, technicians can now verify an address and then merge duplicate records within PowerBuilder.

The department's IT group used QAS' standard API to configure QAS Pro with PowerBuilder. NV DMV's IT staff was impressed with the level of responsiveness from QAS whenever questions arose and found the whole implementation to be smooth.

Results: Better Communication and Confidence in a Critical State Database

Prior to integrating QAS Pro, the Nevada DMV had no strategy to deal with duplicate and inaccurate records. QAS' software has enabled the Nevada DMV to ensure that the records in their database are precise and complete, allowing residents to receive important licensing and title information in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition, the agency's interaction with customers has greatly improved as addresses are now interactively confirmed in real-time while the customer is present to validate the information.

Furthermore, other state agencies - that rely on the address information captured by the DMV - can also execute the missions of their agencies with the confidence that the data they are working with is both accurate and deliverable.

In summary, with QAS Pro, the Nevada DMV has greatly improved customer service and has the necessary solution for protecting and maintaining the integrity of a critical state database.

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