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US Interactive Media

US Interactive Media evaluates new lead sources faster and increases conversion rates


US Interactive Media deployed Experian Data Quality's real-time data enhancement solution to improve lead quality. With QAS Prospect IQ, US Interactive Media has been able to quickly detect high-quality leads, allowing increased conversion metrics and lower acquisition costs.


US Interactive Media, a part of US International Media, is a digital advertising agency blending in depth online media expertise with sophisticated technology and a personalized approach to deliver reliable results and industry-leading performance.

The company focuses on developing innovative client solutions in a constantly shifting, multi-channel landscape. Their comprehensive research tools, industry analysis, market trends, customer segmentation and reporting have allowed them to become a leading interactive agency.


US Interactive Media identified a need to improve lead quality by scoring and prequalifying prospects in real time. The company needed a solution that could filter incoming leads by probability of conversion.


US Interactive Media purchased QAS Prospect IQ to provide real-time data enhancement. By appending relevant data attributes to leads as they are arriving at US Interactive Media, the company can now identify and reject in real time prospective leads that are likely to never convert. This allows the company to evaluate new lead sources faster and increase conversion rates.

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The company now rejects the lowest 5 to 10 percent of leads across sources and has improved contact center performance by focusing on only quality leads. In addition, they have increased client enrollment rates, lowered the cost-perenrollment, improved retention and aided future growth strategies.

Lack of insight leads to poor conversion

US Interactive Media manages hundreds of thousands of leads on behalf of their clients from many disparate sources. The company required a real-time decisioning model to effectively score and pre-qualify prospects. Insufficient insight on these inbound leads led to inefficient contact strategies and elevated acquisition costs as the company was not able to programmatically optimize the lead inquiry pool.

“Lead quality issues have always existed, but we wanted to find a better way to improve the quality of leads,” said Ryan McArthur, executive vice president with US Interactive Media. “It takes 60-90 days of performance history before we can evaluate the success of a purchased lead. We needed to find a solution that would allow us to differentiate between a lead likely to convert and a lead likely to never convert in real time.”

Finding a solution

US Interactive Media started to search for a solution by contacting known players in the space. The company met with Experian to discuss how they could implement a lead scoring model using a set of household demographic and summarized credit data elements.

Experian offered the best combination of flexibility, pricing and quality. While there are many companies that can provide data at a cheaper price, those companies do not have the superior data recency, sources and matching logic that Experian offers.

US Interactive Media

Ryan McArthur Executive vice president, US Interactive Media

US Interactive Media worked with Experian to implement a testing environment to model the data and create the score prior to purchasing and implementing a full license of QAS Prospect IQ. This allowed the company to get a better idea of the quality of data before purchase and ensure the solution would work.

“Experian offered the best combination of flexibility, pricing and quality,” said McArthur. “While there are many companies that can provide data at a cheaper price, those companies do not have the superior data recency, sources and ;matching logic that Experian offers.”

Once QAS Prospect IQ was purchased, the implementation process began. The Experian team and US Interactive Media put together a project plan for the implementation and were able to integrate the product successfully.

“We had a great support team and documentation to work from in order to ensure a successful launch,” said McArthur.

Improving client satisfaction

With QAS Prospect IQ and a lead scoring model in place, US Interactive Media now recognizes a host of benefits.

First, they identify and reject leads likely to never convert in real time, which saves on acquisition costs and allows them to evaluate new lead supplier sources quicker. The company has been able to reject, on average, the lowest 5 to 10 percent of leads.

Next, they were able to optimize marketing campaigns to purchase the best leads for clients. This allowed them to increase conversion rates and decrease the costper-acquisition.

Finally, they implemented lead prioritization models. This improved customer service at the contact centers by reducing the resources spent on leads that would not convert.

“We were able to understand which leads and audience segments were likely to apply, enroll, and stay enrolled,” said McArthur. “This allows us to be a better agency for our clients and increase our value." 

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