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Data append & enrichment

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Benefits of Data Appending

Achieve better lead quality

Minimize the information you need during your lead generation process and improve the quality of your leads at the same time. With data appending, you’ll enrich your data with address, phone, email, and other information that’s valuable to you.

Improve your targeting strategy

Better and complete data about your customers means you can perform accurate customer segmentation, create better marketing campaigns, and improve your marketing ROI. 

Tap into big data intelligence

Data appending helps you to enhance your database with demographics, lifestyle types, consumer types, financial data, buyer propensity, and more.

Powerful options for data appending

Email and phone appends and reverse appends

Append your customer list with the most reliable email and phone data available. Experian Data Quality’s robust database is tested and updated daily to provide you with unprecedented data accuracy.

Data monitoring

Identify and correct data quality issues that are related to poor data management. Enable your employees to control your data quality over time with a user-friendly data monitoring platform

Address append and reverse append

Enrich your address data with attributes such as USPS +4 ZIP codes, Delivery Point Validation, occupancy information, TIGER ZIP codes, resident names, phone numbers, and more.


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✅ Up to 90 percent customer or prospect list match rates

✅ Robust database with more than 600 million records

✅ Business intelligence analytics and machine learning technology that works on your behalf

✅ Database lookup tools with data that are updated every 10 minute

✅ Multi-point data gathered from opt-in permission-based websites, survey data, third-party data aggregators, and more



✅ Ensure accurate, enriched, and standardized data collection

✅ Improve targeting and customer segmentation

✅ Customize your lead follow-up communications

✅ Improve customer profiles and create more realistic customer personas 


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