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Data appending and enrichment services

Maximize your marketing channels by adding complete contact information to your existing records.

Make your data smarter

How data enrichment and appending work

Get even more insight into your data. We can append basic contact information like addresses, emails, and phone numbers to the customer data you already have. Provide personalized, relevant content and promotions to your customers for the exceptional experience they expect.

If you're looking for even deeper insight into your target market, you're looking at the right place. Our data appending and enrichment services leverage Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, the nation's largest source of consumer marketing data.This means you’ll have access to more than 900 data elements that can be appended to your contact records.

You have the option of enriching your data in real time or appending information to the customer data you already have. The power is in your hands.

Are you reaping the benefits from the data you collect? Making sure you gather and store data effectively is invaluable to your organization, but it's as you enhance your data that you see the true value in it. 

Enriching your data allows you to gain greater insight and intelligence into your customers and lets you improve business decisions, promote customer engagement and ultimately generate increased revenue by helping you better target your best customers. 

Data enrichment and appending from Experian Data Quality can boost the data you currently hold by appending insights from the most comprehensive marketing information source, after it's collected or at the point of capture.

With our history of rich consumer insights you can gain a better and more complete understanding of your prospects and customers.

You can learn more about your audience by appending business information to the business records that you capture and hold, identifying the key sociodemographic groups of customers or increasing efficiencies across governmental departments with our robust options for additional data. 

Find out more about how you can add value to your data and support enhanced decision-making through Data Enrichment by contacting our team today.

Better lead quality


Improved customer targeting


Intelligent big data


Overcoming common gaps in your customer records

Businesses today rely on a tremendous amount of consumer data to power marketing efforts, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce risk. However, when consumer contact data is incomplete, leveraging that information can be much less effective. Data append can fill in the gaps and complete your customer records and enable more effective uses for your data assets.

Learn how to append your customer data

Did you know?

of sales decisions in the U.S. will be driven by customer data by 2020.

  • Ensure accurate, enriched, and standardized data collection
  • Improve targeting and customer segmentation
  • Customize your lead follow-up communications
  • Improve customer profiles and create more realistic customer personas

Complete your customer address information with up-to-date addresses verified against USPS data and National Change of Address database. 

Identify and correct errors in your data. Enable your employees to control your data quality over time with a user-friendly data monitoring platform.

View the full feature set for data appending

Maintaining data quality is an ongoing problem that plagues numerous businesses, and if IT leaders don't take steps to improve the accuracy of their information, there could be serious consequences. See how you can develop a plan to better manage your data.

Let your data live up to its potential

Data is only as good as it's accuracy. A good data management strategy and tool will get you there.

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Let's talk data strategy

Whether you're implementing a data project or just beginning to think about one, we're here to help. Our knowledgeable team of data quality management experts will steer your data initiatives towards success. We provide the technology and consulting to get you to your goal.