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Data Enrichment

Improve your customer insight and advance your profiling and targeting efforts. With data enrichment, you can append our industry-leading data to your customer and prospect records in real-time. Experian Data Quality's enrichment solutions can provide a variety of information types—demographic, behavioral, household, life event, geographic and more—to unlock greater customer understanding.

What is Data Enrichment?

Are you reaping the benefits from the data you collect? Making sure you gather and store data effectively is invaluable to your organization, but it's as you enhance your data that you see the true value in it. Enriching your data allows you to gain greater insight and intelligence into your customers and lets you improve business decisions,
promote customer engagement and ultimately generate increased revenue by helping you better target your best customers. Data Enrichment from Experian Data Quality can boost the data you currently hold by appending insights from the most comprehensive marketing information source, after it's collected or at the point of capture. With our history of rich consumer insights you can gain a better and more complete understanding of your prospects and customers. You can learn more about your audience by appending business information to the business records that you capture and hold, identifying the key sociodemographic groups of customers or increasing efficiencies across governmental departments with our robust options for additional data. Find out more about how you can add value to your data and support enhanced decision-making through Data Enrichment by contacting our team today.

How Data Enrichment works

Experian Data Quality’s enrichment software first verifies the contact data you are collecting, such as name, phone number, address and email. After verification, a record can be enhanced for missing or incomplete information. Over 900 data attributes can be appended based on address data.

We also offer a data enhancement tool that appends information based on IP address. Through geolocation data, this IP address location lookup is able to provide demographic information, auto market statistics, consumer lifestyle segments (i.e. Mosaic USA®) and more in less than a second.

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What data is available?

Data enrichment from Experian Data Quality offers unprecedented data appending options. By leveraging Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, the nation's largest repository of consumer marketing data, we are able to offer more than 900 data elements.

  • Consumer data: Identify key socio-demographic groups and trends using our profiling tools, including Mosaic USA®
  • Business data: Append additional business information to the business records you capture and hold
  • Geolocation data: Append data based on IP address to better understand and target visitors on the individual or household level

Benefits of Data Enrichment

Data enhancement provides better insight into individuals at the point of interaction, allowing you to tailor messages, prioritize leads, personalize offers and improve engagement online, over-the-phone, and through marketing communications.

Did you know...

of retailers believe that by 2020, the majority of sales decisions will be driven by customer data 

of companies see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy 

of organizations lack a coherent, centralized approach to data quality 

of marketers want to achieve a single customer view to increase customer retention, increase revenue, and strategic decision making

*Source: Global Data Quality Research 2016


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Features of Data Enrichment

  • Real-time customer insight for more effective decision making
  • Access to the most comprehensive marketing database available
  • Wide breadth of consumer attributes
  • Flexible implementation options
  • Experian’s secure data and privacy standards
  • Support from Experian’s data consultants

What our customers say

We were most comfortable with Experian Data Quality; we liked their professionalism and how the analytics team went the extra mile in getting us a model that worked best for us.

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Sandesh Sadalge Senior Director of Client Analytics and Insights, EducationDynamics

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