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Data enrichment

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Get to know them better.

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Appending information to bad data doesn’t make sense. That’s why our data enrichment solution starts by validating the contact data you already have, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Once your records are cleaned, we can append missing or incomplete information and enhance your records with more than 900 available data attributes, including financial data, buyer propensity, automotive data, and much more. With accurate and personalized analysis, you can create customized messaging that helps your business to connect and engage with customers.

Are you reaping the benefits from the data you collect? Making sure you gather and store data effectively is invaluable to your organization, but it's as you enhance your data that you see the true value in it. Enriching your data allows you to gain greater insight and intelligence into your customers and lets you improve business decisions, promote customer engagement and ultimately generate increased revenue by helping you better target your best customers. Data Enrichment from Experian Data Quality can boost the data you currently hold by appending insights from the most comprehensive marketing information source, after it's collected or at the point of capture. With our history of rich consumer insights you can gain a better and more complete understanding of your prospects and customers. You can learn more about your audience by appending business information to the business records that you capture and hold, identifying the key sociodemographic groups of customers or increasing efficiencies across governmental departments with our robust options for additional data. Find out more about how you can add value to your data and support enhanced decision-making through Data Enrichment by contacting our team today.

Real-time enrichment

Make a great first impression with real-time insight into your customers’ needs and preferences. Our API for real-time data enrichment integrates into most internal- and external-facing applications through a SOAP-based web service. We even offer sample code for common languages, such as C# and Java.

Data appending service

Get to know all your customers. Our data append and geolocation software is easy-to-use and highly customizable to fit your needs. Not sure what attributes you need to get started? Let our Professional Services team do the appending for you.

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Enriching the customer experience

Improving the overall customer experience is a key area of competitive differentiation, and one that is heavily dependent on the underlying quality of customer data. Merely correcting basic customer data quality issues is not going to cut it any more if you really want to get to know your customers and turn them into happy customers. Add more data and enrich your customer experience.

Improve your customer experience

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We provide:

The largest source of customer marketing data

Our data enrichment solutions leverage Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, the nation's largest source of consumer marketing data. This means you’ll have access to more than 900 data elements that can be appended to your contact records.

  • Consumer data: Identify key socio-demographic groups and trends using our profiling tools, including Mosaic USA®
  • Business data: Append additional business information to the business records you capture and hold
  • Geolocation data: Append data based on IP address to better understand and target visitors on an individual or household level

Unrivaled data accuracy

Experian intensively tests our data and updates databases daily, providing you with unparalleled data accuracy.

Flexibility to ensure the best customer connection

Experian Data Quality’s software architecture is fully relational. This joins data in unique ways, providing the ultimate flexibility, allowing your organization to intelligently connect with customers.

Robust data security

Experian has a comprehensive data security system to protect your customers’ data. We use a 256-bit AES-based encryption system and a robust password protection system.

Flexible integration

Turn-key data quality solutions easily integrate into many e-commerce platforms, ERPs, and CRMs. These solutions cleanse, standardize, and append data as it enters your system.

Support from Experian’s data consultants

Our experienced consultants are available to help you execute your data-related project.

Data enrichment is just one piece of a data quality strategy.

To have a successful data quality management program, your organization needs to ensure that data is high-quality and ready to leverage for business intelligence initiatives. Discover how your organization can build a complete data quality strategy.

What our customers say

We were most comfortable with Experian Data Quality; we liked their professionalism and how the analytics team went the extra mile in getting us a model that worked best for us.

Sandesh Sadalge - Senior Director of Client Analytics and Insights, EducationDynamics

We can help you to uncover the potential in your data and maximize its impact throughout your business. Our best-in-class data enrichment solutions help you to advance targeting efforts, improve the customer experience, and positively impact your bottom line. Connect with us to learn how we can help you exceed your customers’ expectations.