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Make your data migrations work for you

Did you know? Data migrations are often prolonged with manual coding or complex ETL solutions. Ensure yours is set up for success. We can help.

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How our data management solution helps with data migration projects

Data migration strategies frequently require prolonged manual coding or expensive and complicated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. Neither of these solutions is considered optimal for a seamless data migration process or a risk-averse customer approach.

Our data quality management platform is different. It was developed by experienced data migration specialists who believe the key to success is ensuring every step of the data migration is facilitated by a single platform, delivers next-generation performance, and allows for a collaborative environment.

Do you really understand the true impact that poor data quality can have on your business? Do you value your data the same way as you would any other business assets, such as property, equipment, people, or even money?

Data is at the heart of every organization and data quality is a key ingredient of performance and profitability. Almost all large companies now have a data quality management strategy, yet eighty-three percent admit that data quality issues still have a negative impact on costs, revenues and business risks.

Data quality issues affect all areas of business, from customer service and regulatory compliance to sales and marketing productivity and financial accuracy. Having high quality data improves decision-making, lowers operational costs and increases bottom-line profits.

Experian Pandora empowers you to understand the state of your data, uncover unknown issues, determine root causes and quantify what poor quality data means to profitability. It improves your data by consolidating, cleansing, transforming and standardizing data, enabling you to accelerate all data related projects.

By enriching your data with Experian reliable reference data within minutes Experian Pandora drives better decision-making and improved profits. Lastly our software manages the quality of your data, monitoring, measuring, justifying and prioritizing based on business benefit.

Experian Pandora helps you manage the quality of all data across your organization, including contact, product and financial. The software makes data quality management quick, collaborative and transparent, making it the perfect choice to meet your business goals.

See how it can help you make a success of your data quality initiative today by speaking to one of our team.

Ease of implementation

Reduce the need for expensive staging areas and administration efforts. The software installs within minutes and runs on existing commodity hardware. 

Maximize ROI

Extend value beyond your data migration project. Protect target data assets indefinitely and continue to drive business insight from the data you collect.

Flexible delivery

Support iterative deployments through a unique migration prototyping feature. Enable your technical team to predict the importance of design changes and deliver faster value to the business.

Data migrations are often a critical process that organizations undergo. Still, they are time consuming, cost intensive and are associated with a fair amount of risk. That’s why we’re here to help.

Did you know?

of organizations that embark on data migrations run into challenges along the way.

  • Quality data will mitigate risks of inaccurate information
  • Ensure your data is standardized and up to date
  • Closely align technology and business users
  • Leverage effective tools


Leverage your data as an asset. Conduct analysis across disparate systems to identify relationships and outliers and gain greater business insight. With the right data management tools, you can proactively address any data issues and identify the right course of action to solve for them.

Unlock the power of your data


Proactively analyze your data to ensure it is fit for purpose. A critical step is to leverage dashboards, alerts, and reports to monitor your data round-the-clock. For organizations looking to embark on a data governance or data management program, you need to be certain that the quality of your data is high and data policies are adhered to.

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Is your organization preparing for a data migration project? We’ve got you covered with these 8 helpful tips and best practice recommendations.

A data migration is the first step

In order to be truly data-driven, your organization needs to proactively maintain and analyze its data over time and ensure efficient data quality management.

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At Experian, we are here to help your organization reach its full potential.

The first step is maximizing the value your data holds. By leveraging our comprehensive data management solutions, you gain the ability to make decisions based on data you trust. Discover how we can help you.