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Email List Cleaning

Batch email verification is a fast, easy way to ensure your emails are reaching the inbox. This validation process runs without altering your existing email acquisition process, but enables email list cleaning to occur before new emails are added to your database.

How it works

Options for Email List Cleaning

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  • Industry-leading technology that verifies business domains, international domains and consumer domains like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and more
  • Corrections logic identifies and corrects typos and potential typo traps to keep your sender reputation intact and ensure your audience doesn’t drop out of campaigns
  • Illegitimate and disposable domain detection to protect your email list
  • Enterprise-grade solution hosted in Experian data centers and protected by Experian security standards ensures your data is always protected

What our customers say

The cleansing process was easy for us – we just sent the file off to Experian Data Quality. Our biggest effort was working with our IT group to create a new process to ‘unflag’ certain bounced emails.


Dean Wynkoop Manager of data management, Cabela’s

Benefits of Email List Cleaning

  • Superior technology to identify invalid emails
  • Clear, actionable email response codes
  • Flexible implementation options wherever addresses are collected
  • Experian’s trusted secure data and privacy standards
  • Access to our email marketing and deliverability experts

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