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Email list cleaning

Scrubbing emails in real-time or in bulk for greater customer email accuracy

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Deliver to the right email address every time

Looking to clean an email list? If you need bulk email verification, upload your file to our secure SFTP site and the validation process will start working in real time. We’ll check to see that the email address is well-formed and that the domain has a mail server. Then we’ll ping the domain to see if it is accepting mail. After confirmation that the domain is accepting mail, we’ll validate the email address and send you the fully-verified file. 


Identify undeliverable, incomplete, or harmful email addresses without impacting business workflow.


Don't deal with complicated response codes. After we clean your email list, we send back clear, actionable response codes that give you a breakdown of the statuses of your email data.


A clean email list is a usable email list. Sending your email files to us ensures that you have cleansed and complete email addresses for better marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, customer outreach, and more.

The cleansing process was easy for us – we just sent the file off to Experian. Our biggest effort was working with our IT group to create a new process to ‘unflag’ certain bounced emails."

Dean Wynkoop - Manager of data management, Cabela’s

Integrate email verification with platforms in real time

of organizations say that email will be their most important communication channel in 2018.

  • Contact lead generation forms
  • Newsletter registration forms
  • Mobile applications
  • CRMs and more!

Validate emails at the point of entry

Real-time email verification reduces the need for email list cleanses

Accurately identify and remove invalid email addresses that will harm your sender reputation immediately. Our solution identifies errors and inconsistencies as they happen, prompting customers to make corrections before information is sent to your CRM.

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Outfitting Cabela's with the right email verification data

After collecting email addresses through various channels, Cabela’s had amassed a large number of suspected “bad” email addresses.

Connect with customers on all fronts with a complete data quality management platform


Connect with customers through their most preferred channel

Having valid and deliverable email addresses means your organization can communicate more effectively with clients and prospects. In today's customer-centric age, those interactions are invaluable.

By validating email addresses, you can reduce bounce rates, protect your sender reputation, and improve the ROI of your email campaigns.