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Email verification API

Validate email addresses in real time as they’re entered.

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Improve business operations with a high-performance email verification API

Marketing email lists

Improve the performance of your contact database and increase open rates by automating email validation efforts. Easily identify inaccurate or bad addresses to protect your marketing communication channels and enhance your customer experience. 

Ecommerce Platforms

Collect accurate customer email addresses through your Ecommerce checkout platform. Verify customer details to improve online experiences and enhance delivery success. 

Call centers

Shorten call times, maximize efficiency, and increase revenue by validating email addresses in real time. Our email verification API integrates directly into your CRM system to help customer service representatives give the best experience possible on every call.

Quickly identify valid and deliverable email addresses with our RESTful API service.

Integrate our real-time API into your browser-based applications, online forms, or thin-client environments to correct addresses as they are entered. 

We support both asynchronous and synchronous communications to give you the flexibility you need when deploying. 

✅ Automate verification

✅ Improve efficiency

✅ Increase productivity

Verify email addresses as they come into your database using our RESTful API service. Our API returns data in JSON format and supports Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

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