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Get the most out of your data by eliminating duplicate mailings and ensuring that your customers' contact information is accurate.

Data cleansing and enrichment

Ensuring that your data is up-to-date saves you money, increases your organization's efficiency, and improves your customers' experience. Developed with both businesses and technical users in mind, Experian’s data management suite offers data cleansing and enrichment services to ensure that your data is both accurate and optimized.

Our data cleansing service will remove incorrect, incomplete, duplicate and improperly formatted data. Correcting these errors manually is inefficient and costly, but our data cleansing software systematically examines and cleanses your data in a manner of minutes rather than hours. This in turn saves you money, increases your organization's efficiency, and improves your customers' experience.

Customers crave meaningful engagement. In a world full of emails and advertisements, it's imperative that your customer communication stands out from your competitors. Our data enrichment services enable you to personalize your marketing communications to more effectively engage with your customers. Eliminating duplicate mailings and ensuring that your customers' contact information is accurate and formatted correctly tells your customers that you're serious about their business and maintains your high-quality image.

Hello, I’m Rishi Patel from Experian Data Quality. For this video, I’m going to take you through the enrichment capabilities of Experian Pandora.


Looking at our customer data, there are two ways we can enrich this information. The first is utilizing the data itself, and adding some insight into it. Let’s look at first order date. Here we have some date information and lets say we want to find out how long it’s been since that first date. We can insert a column and look at the date functionality and add in a column that is the age in years. Now we’ve enriched this information with the number of years it has been since that customer first placed an order.


Another way we can look at this is the address information and our enrichment capabilities using Experian’s reference data. We have address information and lets say we want to clean the US addresses and add some geocodes. We can keep this selection and add in a few columns around validation and enrichment.


On the screen here, we can select which columns we want to clean and which columns we want to standardize an output. In this case, we will add in the full address information. We’ll also take in latitude and longitude values. We can have a look at our cleaning results and add in what action was actually taken on this address, as well as how confident we are in it. With this, we can kick off the process and see those results instantly.


In this example, we’ve got some cleaned and standardized addresses, we’ve included the ZIP+4 code, we’ve also got the latitude and longitude values, as well as reasons for addresses being cleaned or not. At this point, I can now choose to save these results as a table or a drilldown, or I can export it as a file and pass it on to whoever needs this data. In addition to saving this data or exporting it, it can also be automated in the entire process, so any time we have a new set of data coming in, we can automatically cleanse and enrich the data as we’ve done right now.


That was a brief demonstration, but I hope it gave you a good idea of how Experian Pandora can help enrich your data. 

Benefits of data cleansing and enrichment


Increase data accuracy, identify incorrect data, and consolidate duplicated data.


Save time and money. Have your data examined and cleansed in a manner of minutes. 


Optimize marketing efforts and ensure that all customer contacts are correctly received. 

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