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Experian Data Quality free lookup tool

Try our free address lookup tool to clean your addresses in real-time using Experian Data Quality's address verification software. This software can be used to clean lists of addresses or easily integrated into a CRM, web form, or a mobile website.

Enter any U.S. address into the fields below to verify it against the latest USPS® address file. If a match is found, any spelling errors will be corrected and missing parts of the address will be added, including the Zip+ 4.

Accurate address validation requires the latest address data. All Experian Data Quality customers receive regular data updates.

Instant address list cleaning

At Experian Data Quality, we can instantly clean and correct your address lists. Here's how it works: After you upload your data, we parse the addresses and search the USPS database for your address data. We then score the options and select the top matches. Finally, we update the addresses with the best matches. Using our address list cleaning solution reduces costs on undeliverable mail and undeliverable packages. Why use Experian?

  • We verify your addresses with the most recent USPS data.
  • Each of your addresses are placed in one of four categories, letting you know the addresses' exact status in terms of deliverability.
  • We provide you with delivery point validation (DPV) and footnotes. DPV goes beyond validating whether an address is correctly formatted and confirms whether the address exists in the USPS database. DPV can validate addresses down to the apartment or suite level. The footnotes provide additional clarifying details regarding the address data.

Put our instant address list cleaning solution to work for you.

Batch address verification

Clean and enhance the addresses in your database with our batch address verification solution. To provide you with the most accurate and up to date addresses, our batch verification process compares every address in your database against the USPS database. It corrects ZIP codes and spelling errors and provides missing data. Batch address verification also cleans international addresses by comparing your addresses against official postal records from 18 countries, including the U.S.

Our batch address verification solution:

  • Provides you with up to date and reliable data
  • Saves you money on returned postage and delivery fees
  • Increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that you reach your intended audience

Start saving money and reaching more customers today with batch address verification.


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