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Free address lookup tool

Whether you’re just looking to clean a list of addresses or have a solution integrated into your system, we have the right solution for you. Our free address lookup tool will verify any address against the latest USPS® address file. If a match is found, any spelling errors will be corrected and missing parts of the address will be added

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Our free address lookup tool provides instant validation that helps you to improve the quality of the address information in your database. All our address verification tools verify information using both domestic USPS® and international address data as well as geolocation data.

Real-time address verification: Our free address lookup tool gives you a taste of our real-time address verification tool. As a customer or user is typing in an address, that data gets verified instantly so that no inaccurate data enters your database.

Batch address verification: Our batch address verification solution does the same thing as our real-time verification. The difference is that instead of working in real time, you upload a list of existing addresses to be cleaned, standardized, and updated. 

We verify, clean, and standardize both domestic USPS® and international addresses to fit any use case for every organization.

Definitive data

Provides up-to-date and reliable data.

Satisfied customers

Ensures that you reach your intended audience.

Cost effective

Saves money on returned postage and delivery fees.

Don’t let dirty data prevent you from creating the best possible customer experience. We focus on data quality so you can focus on the many ways to use your data.
Our technology and our team of experts are ready to help you improve your data quality.

Our expert advice...

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Email verification

As the pace of business continues to increase in the digital age, it’s more important than ever to collect accurate information at the point of capture. Verify email addresses instantly using our real-time email verification solutions to make sure you reach your customers every time.

Improve your email deliverability

Phone verification

Today, more and more consumers access information and complete transactions on mobile devices. Incorporating phone data into your marketing or communications strategy can help you to reach your customers—even when they’re on the go. We can help you to collect accurate phone numbers quickly and easily.

Improve your mobile phone strategy

With millions of people moving every year, consumer addresses are changing all the time. We offer software that helps businesses keep track of their address sets and evaluates whether an address is valid. Could a tool like this be beneficial for your business?


Improve your customer experience and satisfaction instantly!

Are you confident that your address data is accurate, right down to the subunit level? Do you have any way to be sure? Now you do. Try out our free address lookup tool to find the certainty you want in your customer address data.

From packages to emails to text messages, our suite of contact data management tools help you to reach your customers with every form of communication, every time.

Contact us today to be sure you can contact your customers tomorrow—and each day after that.