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Free address lookup tool

Whether you’re just looking to clean a list of addresses or have a solution integrated into your system, we have the right solution for you. Our free address lookup tool will verify any address against the latest USPS® address file. If a match is found, any spelling errors will be corrected and missing parts of the address will be added. 

Validate your addresses with a free trial

Our free address lookup tool gives you the power to instantly clean and correct your address lists. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works. We offer two different address lookup tools: instant address list cleaning and batch address verification.

With our instant address list cleaning tool, you upload your data and we parse the addresses by matching your address data against the USPS® database. We then score the options and select the top matches. Finally, we update the addresses with the best matches for your database.

With our batch address verification, we correct ZIP Codes, spelling errors, and provide missing information by comparing every address in your database against the USPS® database. Our batch address verification tool also cleans international addresses by comparing your addresses against official postal records from 18 countries.

Definitive data

Provides up-to-date and reliable data.

Satisfied customers

Ensures that you reach your intended audience.

Cost effective

Saves money on returned postage and delivery fees.

Data quality should never be a second thought; it should be a necessity. 

Email verification

Verifying your addresses instantly is just the first step. Imagine if you could do the same with your emails too? Actually, you can. With our email verification software, validate email addresses in real-time, before you hit send. 

Increase your email accuracy 

Data management

As an employee, how often do you find yourself making a decision that will impact your organization? Daily, right? How often are those decisions dependent on data? Regularly. But are these decisions based on data you trust? It’s time to be confident in your decisions.

Frame your data landscape 

Full feature set

With millions of people moving every year, consumer addresses are changing all the time. We offer software that helps businesses keep track of their address sets and evaluates whether an address is valid. Could a tool like this be beneficial for your business? 

Data quality is just one piece of the data management puzzle.

Find out how our data management tool can help you today.

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Having valid addresses in your database is a crucial part of your business. So stop sending undelivered mail. Using our address cleaning solution can help to reduce costs on undeliverable mail and packages, so you can spend that money in a more effective manner.