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Experian Data Profiler

Data is your most valuable asset. Don’t let it go to waste. Discover insights, monitor data quality, analyze trends, and more. Ready to start?

Data Profiler Features

Unrivalled performance combined with business-minded usability will propel your organization towards enterprise data quality and data governance maturity, and implement new systems in record time. Experian Pandora can support your Data Management & Data Migration processes, investigating, measuring, transforming & monitoring.

Experian Pandora's Profiler:

  • Allows you to discover relationships across billions of data points.
  • Enables data profiling, discovery and monitoring. 
  • Proactively analyzes your data allowing you to create data quality reporting in minutes.

Free Data Profiler


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*Currently, the Experian Free Data Profiler is not available on Apple or Linux Operating Systems.