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Fundraising software helps organizations ensure reliable and accurate donor information is captured and housed in the database. Successful fundraising relies on good data, as donors want to be treated with respect and feel confident that their financial gifts are being used efficiently and effectively in support of their chosen cause.

Inaccurate data is frequently entered, especially by volunteer staff. Misspellings, duplicate records and missing information can severely limit the size and frequency of future gifts and fundraising donations. Leveraging verification tools during the data entry process prevents human error, ensures that communications reach the intended recipients.

Experian Data Quality software enables organizations to meet fundraising goals by avoiding:

  • Bad data from entering your database
  • Excessive costs of returns
  • Spelling and formatting errors
  • Duplicates that inflate mailing costs


Experian Data Quality software enables data entry staff to identify correct names and addresses as they are entered by verifying data in real time.

Address verification Donor address verification can be used by data entry staff with minimal training, making it ideal for volunteers and fundraising activities.

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