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Alumni finder


Alumni finder is a tool that attempts to update alumni databases by following their movements after graduation.

Keeping track of alumni can be a frustrating and laborious process, but it is absolutely essential work for colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

Keeping alumni information up to date helps to ensure:

  • Efficient and effective fundraising campaigns
  • A higher number of matches when using NCOA®
  • Better results using tools like alumni finder

It is beneficial to have a correctly-formatted address when attempting to track alumni. This is due to the fact that the USPS® requires address information to be standardized before the NCOA® service may be used.

Address verification products provide educational institutions with tools that are helpful in tracking alumni through:

  • Interactive address correction
  • Address standardization
  • Access to the NCOALink®

Moreover, front-end solutions empower departmental staff and student workers to capture accurate address information the first time over the phone, through the mail or on the web.

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