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Call center consolidation


Call center consolidation is the combination of different channels into one multi-channel contact center where all questions can be answered via whatever medium is preferred.

Currently, many companies have multiple call centers to answer specific questions, this is especially true among government and utility agencies. This set up often produces very unhappy customers who are transferred to numerous people within different call centers before they find the answer they were looking for.

Call center consolidation moves everything to one centralized location. Within this multi-channel mecca of information a customer can ask a question via any medium and about various topics and not have to be transferred to a differnt call center for the answer.

Not only does this greatly improve the customer experience, but in having everything in one centralized place, a customer's information is only going into one master database allowing for a singular customer view. This mitigates the risk of duplicates and increases the accuracy of a large company/government agency's contact data.

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