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Data monitoring

What is data monitoring?


Data monitoring is the process of proactively reviewing and evaluating your data and its quality to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Data monitoring software helps you measure and track your data using dashboards, alerts and reports.

What is data monitoring software?

Simply put, monitoring data is the act of having procedures, technologies and benchmarks in place for tracking the quality and usefulness of data.

The first step to monitoring data is establishing data quality metrics or criteria that are tied to specific business objectives. After establishing the groundwork, you will compare the results over time, allowing for improvement and deeper understanding of how your data can best be used.

Some critical attributes of data quality that are frequently monitored by organizations include:

  • Completeness
  • Uniformity
  • Accuracy
  • Uniqueness

Data quality monitoring helps you reveal problem areas where the most inaccuracies are observed, track unusual or abnormal behaviors, and identify where you should focus your data quality initiatives.

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