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Front-end address verification


In computer usage, the front end is the part of the program that interacts with the user, otherwise known as the user interface.

At Experian Data Quality, we often talk about front-end processes in which data is corrected interactively before the data is put into the database.

Front-end address verification serves as a firewall for customer or client databases, protecting them from bad addresses. This protects organizations from wasting money on shipping to nonexistent addresses, paying address correction charges, losing customers etc.

Front-end products with interactive functionality have revolutionized the field of address management. Whereas previously only batch processes were available, now companies are able to verify that addresses are 100% accurate before they enter the database.

QAS Pro is a leading front-end validation product, empowering call center operators and customer service representatives to collect full and complete addresses while the customer is still on the phone.

QAS Pro Web interacts with customers over a website to collect accurate and complete information while the customer is still online.

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