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Mailing list hygiene


Mailing list hygiene refers to the cleanliness and accuracy of a mailing list or contact database. A hygienic mailing list is one that is updated regularly, is standardized, and contains deliverable addresses.

A mailing list hygiene solution can provide the service of cleaning a mailing list or contact database and ensuring accuracy. The benefits of adopting this type of software include:

  • A standardized mailing list containing accurate and deliverable addresses
  • Improved customer contact and increased customer retention rates
  • Reduction in manual list hygiene efforts
  • Saved cost in returned mail

Mailing list hygiene provides companies with an organized and reliable contact list. While the task of manually cleaning a database is both overwhelming and time consuming, address verification software is able to provide this service more efficiently and regularly. Additionally, a front-end address verification solution will generate increased mailing list hygiene.

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