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Verify postal address


To verify a postal address, one must ensure that the address conforms to USPS® standards. Postal address verification can be achieved by implementing address verification software.

While verifying a postal address is important for an individual sending mail, it becomes extremely important for companies carrying out bulk mailings or shipping. Many companies often run into issues with misspellings and missing information when dealing with postal addresses. An important step in ensuring that addresses are deliverable and USPS® validated is the implementation of address verification software.

On the front end, address verification software prevents typographic errors and omissions while entering address information into a database. A back-end solution will clean an existing database by automatically correcting any errors and filling in missing information for a postal address.

Verifying postal addresses can benefit an organization in many ways and will lead to a decrease in returned mail. Postal address verification will also increase efficiency by reducing manual database cleansing efforts and standardizing address information.

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