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State government

Data quality management is a crucial step toward effective citizen communications and system migrations or exchanges. Managing citizen data quality includes ensuring contact data is accurate, linking contact data across public sector databases, and using third party data sources to flag suspicious records.

Data quality management strategies are important across all agencies, including tax and revenue departments, health and human service departments, department of motor vehicle, department of labor, elections, parks and recreations departments, and sheriff and court administrations. By investing in managing data quality, government agencies are able to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Focus on service deliverability
  • Better allocate and collect tax funds

With all of the new modernization efforts and mandated reforms, public sector agencies are working closely with consulting firms to help ease the migration. In doing so, agencies ensure that all requirements of the new system or platforms are met and benefit from external expertise.


Data migration

Is your HHS agency undergoing a modernization project? Let us help you prepare your data before you migrate it to the new system, enabling you to deliver the project on-time and on-budget while minimizing rework. 

Data matching

Are duplicate records in your database causing challenges? Our matching engine will help you discover links between your contact records, allowing you to identify and remove duplicates and gain a clear understanding of who is utilizing your services. 

Data enrichment

What could you do with a greater understanding of your constituents? Appending additional information like demographic, behavioral, household, life event, and geographic information will enable you gain greater insight and provide a more personalized experience for those receiving benefits. 

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