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Federal government

Federal government data quality is a main focus for the public sector, because data quality impacts operations and budgets, and in some instances can compromise the level of service provided to residents.

Various government data quality initiatives help effectively communicate to constituents and are imperative to maintaining valuable relationships. There are a number of challenges connected with maintaining quality contact data, including:

  • Standardizing data capture across multiple channels
  • Tracking citizens as they move
  • Utilizing preferred communication channels


Address verification tools do more than just ensure accurate contact information for constituents. Removing the possibility of inaccurate information capture helps state and federal agencies meet compliance standards and prevent fraud.

Address verification Address verification aids government agencies in their quest to meeting compliance standards and preventing fraud while reducing back-end rework and increasing operational efficiency.
NCOA® software NCOA® software tracks citizens address changes as they moving, keeping data up-to-date.

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