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Deparment of labor

Improving claimant processes within labor and unemployment agencies is essential in order to ensure resources are allocated correctly for each claimant request. Claims and other requests are submitted through a web portal or call center. With each interaction, the claimant must provide contact information as part of the request. Unfortunately, human error is the number one cause of inaccurate data entry, often due to fat fingering.

Interactive contact validation software ensures the fast and accurate capture of claimant contact information by reducing key strokes required to capture a full and complete address. This is made possible while the call center representative has the claimant on the phone or while the claimant is entering their information via self-service web portal, giving the ability to prompt for missing or inaccurate information. By implementing a data quality strategy, labor and unemployment agencies are able to:

  • Reduce fraudulent claims from deceased and imprisoned applicants
  • Standardize data capture across multiple points of interaction
  • Improve staff productivity by removing rework from returned benefit packages

Labor and unemployment agencies, like most other government agencies, are modernizing their systems and processes. Rather than continue to process claims and requests in call centers, agencies are beginning to migrate to self-service online portals where claimants can enter information online. Experian Data Quality offers an address validation web service which is used for easy and seamless integration into websites and web-based self-service platforms.

Address verification Address verification aids labor departments in their quest to meeting compliance standards and preventing fraud while reducing back-end rework and increasing operational efficiency.
Address validation web service Validate addresses as they are entered into self-service web portals to reduce costs associated with bad data and improve inquiries and processing time.

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