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Election agencies

By verifying voter contact information proactively, agencies ensure that all registrants receive necessary documentation, including ballots and information on local voting locations. This ensures everyone who votes is counted, maximum voter participation and reduces the amount of rework on the day of elections.

The Experian Data Quality functionality ensures faster capture of voter address information by reducing the number of keystrokes required during entry. The functionality also works within self-service portals and prompts the user for missing or inaccurate information while the user is still engaged. In doing this, agencies avoid the rework associated with citizen follow up which often proves impossible. By putting processes in place to verify voter contact information at the point-of-capture, Elections agencies are able to:

  • Capture voter contact information faster and more accurately
  • Eliminate duplicate voter records within the database
  • Ensure ballots and voting notifications reach each constituent

Duplicate voter records are created when a citizen registers more than once online, in person or through an absentee ballot. This makes it difficult to track voter registration rates and leads to multiple mailings sent to constituents and unnecessary costs to the agency. Data matching software uses fuzzy matching technology to clean, standardize and flag potential duplicate voter records. Identifying and removing duplicates from an agency’s database results in a more accurate mailing list and seamless campaign execution.

Address verification Address verification aids election agencies in their quest to capture voter information faster and more efficiently with user friendly Typedown functionality.
Data matching software Data matching software uses fuzzy matching technology to clean and standardize voter records within a database. Matching software ensures there are no duplicates in your database, reducing unnecessary mailings.

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