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Holiday card mailing list verification

One less thing to worry about this holiday season

Greeting cards are a thoughtful gesture that friends, family, and business acquaintances can all appreciate. Like exchanging  gifts, sending holiday cards by mail is a tradition for many small businesses and consumers.

For businesses, holiday cards can even be a useful marketing tool and are a great, personalized way to reach out to both past and present customers and clients. For consumers, holiday cards are a way of wishing loved ones  a joyous season.

But whether you are a small business or a consumer, your holiday mailings can’t make an impact if they never reach their destination. To ensure that they are received before the holidays are over, you must use addresses that are accurate and formatted properly. Unfortunately, your address list may contain minor or even major errors. If you fail to catch these discrepancies, they can hinder the delivery of your holiday mailings. Our address verification solutions can help make your address list as accurate as possible for the ho-ho-holidays!

Clean your list of up to 1,200 addresses for just $50.

Address verification is a way of making sure that your holiday mailing list is current and free of any errors that may prevent your greeting cards or other mailings from being delivered.

It is a form of mailing list hygiene that uses United States Postal Service data to compare and correct addresses. We offer several solutions, including real-time address verification and bulk address list cleaning. The bulk address list cleaning is an ideal solution for accurate holiday card mailing lists, which are often lengthy, particularly for small businesses.

4 quick steps to cleaner, safer data

Upload your raw CSV data file

Receive a summary report by email

Pay using a credit card

Download your cleaned address list

Upload your address list now

Upload your file as a CSV or Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx). See our file format guide

Why should you verify your address list?

Reach your family and friends

Verified addresses help make sure your cards and gifts get to the intended clients, friends, and family members.

Save time and avoid a hassle

Address verification helps you save both money and time on returned mail. It is affordable and can easily fit your budget.

The holidays were never easier

Get started by simply uploading a spreadsheet of your addresses. Purchase with a credit card and mail with confidence.