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Whether you’re a department store, brand, supermarket, specialty store, or e-tailer, customer loyalty is of paramount importance in the world of infinite options for your customers. One mechanism that Retailers will often put in place is a customer loyalty program to encourage customers to keep coming back. Not to mention selling to an existing customer is far easier and less expensive than acquiring a new one.

Data is at the heart of any customer loyalty program. Poor data quality issues that riddle CRMs and customer records can spell disaster. There are a few ways to tackle problems you will encounter:

Eliminate duplicate customer records

You need to be able to tell Sam Smith from Samantha Smith, from misspelled Sam Smithe. Are they all one person? Should they have one consolidated record in your loyalty program? Consider a fuzzy matching deduplication process either on the front or back end to get to one golden record.

Improve contact data quality

The best loyalty programs will not be successful if you cannot contact the member. Some verification checks to think about running: Address validation and standardization, Email validation, and Phone validation 

Gain deeper customer insight

Now that you know you have the correct member and their contact information is verified, what else can you learn in order to make your loyalty offers relevant to them? Tapping into 3rd party data can help you understand your customers demographics, how they like to be sold to, and what motivates them as a consumer, allowing you to give them targeted offers and understand them on a more granular level.


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While these issues will inevitably coming up in the creation of your customer loyalty program, you can be proactive about them! Don’t let your data drag down a strategic initiative—there is immense value in these programs and with the high-quality data you can focus on driving more revenue for your business.