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Integrated data quality solutions

CRM and ERP integrations that improve data quality

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Clean data is important for maintaining CRM and ERP systems. Our software integrations help organizations improve contact data quality for CRM and ERP systems. Integrations include tools for capturing accurate data at the point of entry, cleaning existing data within your database and identifying duplicates within your database.

To further improve data quality efforts, we offer software integrations for CRM and ERP systems to enforce usage and ensure data quality at the point of entry. Our software products verify and cleanse data in order to enable duplicate identification and prevention.

How do you safeguard your data issues and challenges? In today's multi-channel environment, data enters your systems and platforms from multiple touch points, but your technology is only as effective the data that is within it. It's important to detect compromised data as quickly as possible, before it travels downstream and negatively affects the day-to-dayactivities performed by your employees. Experian Data Quality can help. We provide turnkey data quality solutions that easily integrate intomany leading CRM's, e-commerce platforms, ERP's, and more, by cleansing, standardizing, and appending data as it enters your systems. We offer Address Verification solutions, which are easy to use and require very little information to return a completeand accurate address. While our Email Verification tool instantly detects and formats syntaxerrors, as well as performs deliverability checks and verifies that the domain actually exists. With Phone Verification, you can detect if the phone number is mobile or landline. Our solution also performs 10-digit validation, ensuring you have accurate and valid phone numbers. Lastly we have over 900 data sets, which you can choose to append to help you enhance your sales and marketing intelligence and segment andengage customers more effectively. Embedding data quality tools within your systems is a foolproof way to protect valuable contact data, increase operational efficiencies, and enhance your marketing capabilities. Get in touch today for the Experian Data Quality tool that's right for your existing platforms.

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Experian integration with Salesforce commerce cloud

Ensure customer data accuracy with our data quality solution

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Experian Data Quality came out on top, both in terms of the quality of the tool and the ease of integration.

Kakoli Seal - VP of customer insight and database marketing, Saks Fifth Avenue

Our integrations

Features of our data quality integrations:

  • Quick and easy plugin to your existing CRM or ERP, including, SAP, Siebel, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Reduction of up to 80% of the key strokes required to type an address
  • Customized formatting to a standard you specify
  • Access to international address data for over 200 different countries, including  data from postal authorities such as USPS®, Canada Post® and Royal Mail®
  • Postal address validation is a CASSTM certified product, allowing you to qualify for USPS® mailing discounts
  • Optional  features such as census tract and carrier route data sets, latitude and longitude data and name verification

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