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Contact data quality for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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You’ve invested heavily in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application, integrating multiple products and implementing processes to ensure effectiveness. Yet, with contact data entering your CRM system from multiple channels, maintaining the integrity of that data can be an ongoing challenge. Bad contact data increases unnecessary operational costs, impacts sales and marketing performance, and hinders your ability to drive actionable insights from your CRM.

We have integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure the accurate capture of address, email, and phone data. Our solution is a turnkey integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM that facilitates the capture and verification of contact data at the point of entry. 

Product highlights

Address validation

Our flexible workflows allow you to customize your business processes while ensuring that your Dynamics CRM collects only verified contact data. When an address is entered in the account creation process, our validation software will either attempt to make a change automatically or prompt the customer to provide additional information to ensure the address is correct. 

As an address is typed, that data will be validated and corrected in real time ensuring that no incorrect contact data is introduced into your system. Once an address has been validated and the account successfully created, the system will complete the creation of the account and flag that the address is validated.  

address - Microsoft.png

address 2 - Microsoft.png

Email validation

A customer's email address is validated in real time. The response code is fully customizable and can be configured to correct the email address if your customer types a common misspelling. For example, our validation will suggest updating to

email - microsoft.png

Phone validation

A customer's phone number is validated in real time. This validation can be configured to standardize international phone numbers, as well as flag when a number is a landline vs. a mobile number. 

phone - microsoft.png