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Address data quality for SAP

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Our address data verification solution for SAP verifies contact data at the point of capture as well as for data already existing in your database. 

We reduce the time required to manually enter a complete and accurate address. Address data is available for more than 240 countries and territories, and our solution can verify down to the suite or apartment level.

The real-time verification check helps you create a single customer view, improves process efficiency, and reduces time spent on manually deduplicating records. It is supported out of the box in ECC6 and can be integrated into CRM7.

With better data quality, organizations benefit from cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Product highlights:

  • Certified integration reduces implementation and maintenance cost significantly
  • Real-time address verification and deduplication
  • Batch processing for address cleansing, standardization, and deduplication available (iDocs, BAPI, LSMW)
  • Enhancement of address data (ZIP+4, Address Type Indicator, Geocode, etc.)
  • Guided procedure for address standardization and real-time deduplication check
  • Accurate data entering at the front- and back-end

Integration details:

  • User-friendly experience that looks and feels native to the SAP application
  • Seamlessly integrates with all SAP CRM and ECC versions
  • Integrations leverage SAP Business Add Ins (BAdIs) to trigger real-time address validation and deduplication check within the Business Address Services (BAS) areas