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CASS certification

Improperly addressed mail requires the U.S. Postal Service to put more effort into sorting and delivery it; this translates into higher costs for the USPS®, which are ultimately passed on to retailers via increased postage rates. Address validation and verification reduces the amount of improperly addressed mail; increasing postal efficiency and reducing the manpower required to handle the mail. In the industry, programs that assist in this process are known collectively as CASS certified software.

The USPS® uses the Coding Accuracy Support SystemTM (CASS) to evaluate the accuracy of validation and matching software. It works by checking five-digit ZIP®, ZIP + 4® and delivery point codes. Retailers and other organizations, who have certified CASS address validation software, often qualify for lower postage costs and substantial savings over time. Invest in CASS certified software, and you will reap dividends for years to come.

Experian Data Quality's address verification is CASS-certified, providing a multitude of benefits. Our CASS certification software is recognized by the USPS for its accuracy in improving the address data in your system and in reducing mailing errors for pieces that originate with you. With our CASS address verification software, you never have to worry about getting a mailing address for a customer incorrect ever again. By tapping into the address database of the USPS, CASS software improves the bottom line and can promote greater overall profitability.

Benefits of CASS certification


Ensure deliverability and reduces the amount of undeliverable and returned mail


Qualify for postage discounts on bulk mailings


Increase address accuracy and data quality within your CRM or database


Reduce mail sort time for the (USPS; CASS) verification and lower mail transit time

Learn how address validation works with CASS Certification

You need to remember that it’s not just the expense of address correction fees; it’s the operational costs of having to reach back to customers that add up.

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