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Accurately evaluate your addresses

Improperly addressed mail requires the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to put more effort into sorting and delivery. Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is a certification process used by USPS® to evaluate the accuracy of address correction/matching software. With our CASS™-certified solution, we ensure your address data follows formatting and standardization requirements set by the USPS®.

Tackle undelivered mail head on

Address validation reduces the amount of improperly addressed mail your organization sends; Correctly addressed mail helps to increase postal efficiency and reduces the manpower necessary to handle the mail. Programs that assist in the process of guaranteeing addresses are accurate by USPS Standards are known collectively as CASS™-certified software. CASS™-certified software will increase your ability to send mail to the right people and reduce the amount of undelivered mail. 

Our CASS™ certification is based on accuracy in ZIP codes, ZIP +4® codes, and delivery point codes. CASS™ refers specifically to the verification status of a contact list or address database. By adopting a CASS™-certified software and having a certified database, your organization can qualify to receive discounts on shipping and bulk mailing costs. In addition, companies will benefit from having a verified and standardized contact database, which can increase both efficiency and accuracy in bulk mailings.

Once data has been processed through a CASS™-certified product, a CASS™ Summary Report can be generated. This report contains information about the condition of the original addresses and how the addresses have changed after cleaning.

Increase precision

Decrease spending

Reduce costs associated with undeliverable and returned mail.

Create structure and order

Standardize address formats in your database.

Need to improve the quality of data in your business? Let us help. We will identify the areas of opportunity that best suit your organization's needs. 

Learn how address validation works with CASS Certification

Address verification

By leveraging address verification, your organization can see benefits like improved database quality, enhanced customer relationships, and increased timely deliveries to customer, to name a few. 

See for yourself 

Contact data quality

Data quality is important because it allows your organization to make decisions based on data you trust. We will transform your messy database in-to a standardized and easy-to-navigate data resource. 

Tap into your data's potential

Full feature set

Validate address data and qualify for bulk mailing discounts with CASS-certified address software integrated into our data quality management platform

Think of all of the holiday cards your business sends out every year. Now imagine the number of cards every business is sending during the holiday season. That’s a lot of mail! If these organizations are not using an address verification solution, there’s a high chance that at least some of the addresses are incorrect, and that could quickly add up to a lot of returned mail. 


A lot goes into confirming that an address is valid. For the USPS®, there are several pieces of information needed to verify an address. When you leverage an address validation solution, it checks the information entered against USPS® database. As a CASSTM-certified vendor, our products cleanse, verify, and standardize addresses before matching against CASSTM data to help customers get the best ROI for their mailings.