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Powerful data migration for your business

Frequently data migration strategies require prolonged manual coding or expensive and complicated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. Neither of these solutions is considered optimal for a seamless data migration process or a risk-averse customer approach.

Experian Pandora is different. It was developed by experienced data migration specialists who believe the key to success is ensuring every step of the data migration is facilitated by a single platform, delivers next-generation performance, and allows for a collaborative environment.

Comprehensive solution

Experian Pandora is a complete migration solution that offers: migration scoping, data profiling, data discovery, prototyping, data quality, mapping discovery, migration execution, post-migration assurance, and archival.

No administration

Experian Pandora has a unique underlying database that reduces the need for expensive staging areas and administration efforts. The software installs within minutes and runs on existing commodity hardware. 

Data quality capabilities

Data migration requires a clear data quality strategy. Experian Pandora provides data profiling, rule discovery, and data quality measurement, improvement, and control—all in one unified application.

Better ROI

Experian Pandora promises value that extends beyond a data migration project. You can protect target data assets indefinitely and drive far better ROI than other solutions on the market. 

Flexible delivery

Experian Pandora supports iterative deployments through its unique migration prototyping feature. Enable your technical team to predict the importance of design changes and deliver earlier value to the business.

PDM2 Certified

Experian Pandora is certified for use on data migration projects by Practical Data Migration. PMD has helped numerous projects worldwide execute on time, within budget, and with zero defects.

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“The speed at which we could get projects signed off and approved was unreal. Our first insurance customer was absolutely amazed with the productivity. Very, very powerful.” 

Charles Thomas - CGI

✅ Impact assessment & scoping

✅ Secure data extraction

✅ Data profiling & discovery

✅ Data quality management

✅ Mapping validation & design

✅ Data migration testing

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