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Data Quality for Oracle

Product sheet

Experian Data Quality has partnered with Oracle to provide data validation for Oracle applications. We provide integrations for Oracle E-Business Suite, CRM On Demand, Siebel, Peoplesoft and ATG users. QAS for Oracle offers real-time address verification that validates addresses at the point of entry to improve marketing and operational efficiencies.

A CRM system is only as good as the data stored within it. Seemingly small address errors dilute data quality and ultimately hurt sales, marketing, and operational productivity. And while address accuracy is easy to achieve with the right technology, errors are often overlooked. Consider how easy it is to make a mistake when one person is in a rush, when one person mishears another, or when a large compiled list is being imported in bulk.

QAS for Oracle CRM On Demand is hosted entirely by Experian Data Quality on secure data centers in the U.S. and UK. To enable the integrated product, an Oracle CRM On Demand customer must first contact Experian Data Quality for product license codes. Customers will receive a new QAS Pro On Demand account which provides the underlying search engine functionality within Oracle CRM On Demand. The product can be enabled (typically within 2 hours) by an administrator once Experian Data Quality licensing codes are received. The online web help entirely overs the installation steps, configuration options, and end user information necessary to enable Experian Data Quality functionality within the customer’s unique Oracle CRM OD environment.


Integration details

Experian Data Quality offers integrations for the following Oracle software platforms

Product highlights:

  • Seamless integrations into many applications
  • Reduced keystrokes and errors due to intuitive address validation engines
  • Data sets for over 240 countries

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