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Experian Data Quality for Oracle PeopleSoft

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Experian Data Quality for Oracle PeopleSoft offers a suite of real-time address, email, and phone validation solutions. These can be integrated directly into your PeopleSoft environment. Our software has been developed to provide a quick and seamless integration within PeopleSoft v9.2+ modules.

Our integration works across the entire PeopleSoft portfolio, in applications such as Human Capital Management (HCM), Campus Solutions (CS), Financial Management (FM), and many more. Whether you're verifying individual home addresses for communication-related notices, having the correct email address for alumni relations, or confirming whether a phone number is a landline or mobile, Experian Data Quality for PeopleSoft has the right integration for you.

Product highlights:

  • Real-time address validation and standardization utilizing local postal authority data
  • Real-time email validation providing detailed response codes for improving email hygiene
  • Real-time phone validation can differentiate for landline and mobile as well as standardize formats based on country of origin
  • Customizable to validate any address, email, or phone touch points within any PeopleSoft Pages
  • Seamless and user-friendly user interface


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