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Customer name verification

Instantly validate name and address data at point of capture.

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Our customer name verification solution, NameSearch enables you to quickly search through large volumes of data while flagging misspellings, extra or missing information, nicknames, acronyms, noise words, prefixes, suffixes, and keyboard errors. You can create intelligent matching links among records throughout your entire databased, helping you get to that single customer view.

You can search and match on information such as personal and corporate names, addresses, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other identifiers without concerns about exact spellings or correct sequences.

Very powerful and highly adaptable, our data matching solution gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of unlimited number of business applications. Its architecture allows for customization of matching criteria, searching techniques, integration approaches, phonetic algorithms, rule sets, and more.

Call center efficiency

Call center representatives can verify addresses and customer names in real time, helping to improve customer experience and quicken call times.

Research and corrections

Having name data adds value when users need to enter information into a system manually off of handwritten materials. Qualify in instead of qualifying out.

Data entry

You can rely on name verification to help accurately spell unusual or difficult names. Minimize data entry errors. This is especially for businesses or organizations who interact with a high volume of customers, constituents, or students.

Over 35 million Americans will move from one house to another this year. Does your business have access to the most accurate address data?

Did you know?

of call center communications take place via telephone. 

  • Search and match on any identity information such as personal name, address, company name, social security number, date of birth, account number etc.
  • Confirm unique or unusual name spelling in real-time to avoid mistyping customer information.
  • Perform fast and accurate interactive and batch matching to make sure the correct customer is in your CRM and to avoid duplicate records.

Full feature set

Each integration of the name verification product is unique. Because of the flexibility of the rule base, customers can easily mold the rules to their needs.

Data quality is just one piece of the data management puzzle.

Find out how our data management tool can help you today.

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Say goodbye to marketing and operations mistakes.

Our name verification solution is easy to use and utilizes address elements to validate the names of approximately 215 million consumers across the United States. This name and address verification solution is a dataset that runs in accordance with our address verification engine.

It provides reliable name validation and review that can be integrated into front-end address capture applications or via an API for seamless and easy-to-use name verification at any point where data is entered.