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Name verification

Tying a person to a particular address is difficult.If it's done incorrectly, you end up with a customer service and operations disaster on your hands. This is why we have developed name verification, a solution that instantly validates name and address data at point of capture. This name verification solution leverages the latest USPSĀ® address data as well as Experian consumer data compiled from thousands of sources, including telephone directories, real estate transactions, phone and utility records, and surveys.

Name verification is highly accurate and effective, since it delivers valid, actionable data for hundreds of millions of records. It prevents the introduction of inaccurate data based on user errors, and it searches out and corrects any mistakes before they make their way into your data permanently. Name and address verification will confidently allow you to lookup a name based off of an address. Name verification works by validating your customer's name and address. It quickly returns correctly spelled and standardized, clean data that will help you reduce duplicate mailings, undeliverables, and other problems that drive up your costs.

The end result is that no bad, dirty data enters your CRM or database. Say goodbye to marketing and operations mistakes. The name verification solution is an easy-to-use solution that utilizes address elements to validate the names of approximately 215 million consumers across the United States. This name and address verification solution is a dataset that runs in accordance with our address verification engine. It provides reliable name validation that can be integrated into front-end address capture applications or via an API for seamless and easy-to-use name verification at every point of data entry and review.

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Benefits of name verification

  • Increases operational efficiency by saving time spent manually cleaning and correcting data
  • Reduces keystrokes up to 75 percent when typing name and address data allowing for quicker data entry
  • Standardizes abbreviation formats, helping you avoid delivery surcharges
  • Ensures that only accurate customer data enters into your database

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